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10 Tips for Writing an Engaging Press Release

By Sonny Teeling

Modern people crave effortless information consumption. A well written and engaging press release will significantly boost the publicity your brand receives. It is a fast, direct and practical way to get information to your audience.

The press release was born in 1906 out of a desire for companies to address and comment on important issues. Nowadays, it has a range of uses such as:

  • announcing new stock, products or services.
  • boosting media coverage.
  • managing brand image by responding to allegations or self-promotion.
  • sharing interesting stats, trends or viewpoints that relate to your audience.


Ensure a clear and concise delivery of your information, using these top tips!


Write from your perspective

Set the tone for how your information will be received by writing from your perspective. Sharing your views on why your information is relevant and special strengthens your material and ensures it is interpreted correctly.

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Keep it factual/evidence-based

Start with the 5 ‘Ws’. Who, what, where, why and when. Then show the depth and value your information provides.


Create shock!

Ask yourself, why should anyone care? Paint a picture of how people will be impacted. Draw your audience in with an eye-catching headline and strong lead sentence. Using emotive language will resonate with your readers and leave a lasting impression.


Provide structure

Arrange your information in order of importance. Prioritise significant details.

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Write in small bites

(2-3 sentences max) Keep your press release digestible and engaging by writing in small chunks. A standard sized paragraph on a laptop may appear lengthy and off-putting on a mobile phone. A smaller paragraph keeps the reader engaged and committed.


Incorporate hyperlinks

This ensures instant access to important, more in-depth information.


Add “quote cards”

Quotes should realise what has already been discussed in the main bulk of your text. They should never include new information!


Include visual aids

Use photographs, illustrations and logos. Ensure they are simple, striking and optimised to be looked at on mobile phones. (In other words, avoid small details that require you to zoom in!)


Ensure easy reproduction

Ensure your press release can be easily reproduced by providing both digital and traditional versions. Make it easy for the press to share your words without a re-write by directing your text towards customers and secondly press.

Digital media consumption has grown significantly in such a short period of time. Tap into the digital realm by making use of the many rich image and video content platforms that are available worldwide. This will help you to tap into new audiences and consequently grow your business.


Time your story well

Your story is bound to attract more attention if it relates to something that is currently in the news! Check out what’s trending on Google and tweak your press release accordingly.


Reach out!

Contact all local media channels for distribution. Journalists are always on the lookout for new stories! Assist a journalist and establish a new relationship with someone in the media.

Always follow up after getting in touch. Even if you don’t get a response. Your response rate will grow alongside your confidence to make connections.

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