snapmas backdrop

The 12 Days of 'Snapmas'

By Jess Stanier

The countdown is officially on. The 12 days of Christmas, Snap style has begun! To celebrate another awesome year, we wanted to do something fun and festive to say ‘Merry Christmas’ from us to you!


So, we gathered around in the boardroom and together we re-wrote the lyrics to the iconic song, The Twelve Days of Christmas… obviously.


Equipped with some budget Christmas props, we prepared the Green Screen room and tried our very best to hold a decent tune. As always, we got creative, we dreamt up something awesome (that far exceeded the time we put aside for it), we worked hard and we had fun. So, keep your eyes on our social for the next 12 days. You’re guaranteed a giggle as each of us do our Christmas dance… and on Christmas Eve, you’ll even be treated to the full song (unfortunately, without autotune, so cover your ears).


Merry Christmas from the Snappers. We’ve had a banger of a year & can’t wait to see what projects we get to have fun on in 2020. See you on the flip side.