5 Innovative Brands that have Adapted to the Pandemic

By Hannah Rankine

Many people claim 2020 has been the worst year yet, but perhaps it has been a blessing in disguise for some. The Coronavirus pandemic has affected businesses in ways we could never imagine. However, some brands have managed to stand out during these rocky times by making simple changes to their business strategy and pursuing innovative ideas. Here are some examples of brands that have demonstrated lateral thinking during the challenging economic environment:


1. Nando’s


As one of the UK’s most loved food chains closes its doors to the public, Nando’s has managed to continue to make sales. By sending customers easy to follow recipes, people can still enjoy their favourite Nando’s meal at home, with key ingredients, such as the famous peri-peri sauce, available to purchase in supermarkets. If your customers can’t access your products in the same way, think about how else or where else you could market them.


2. Warner Bros. Studios

With film release dates postponed, in the meantime, production companies need to be creative about how they engage their audiences. Warner Bros. Studios reconsidered their PR and marketing strategy and created a public service announcement to help children understand the crisis. If you can’t take immediate sales, think about other ways in which you can nurture your audience.


3. Gymshark


Gymshark made a clever but simple change to their business during lockdown by temporarily renaming themselves to Homeshark. This reminded people that not all exercise needs to be carried out in the gym and encouraged people to continue their workout routines at home. Sometimes the simplest changes can be the most effective ones.


4. Boots

The beauty industry has been hugely affected by the pandemic. Makeup is typically associated with the idea of going out, so whilst people stay at home, beauty product sales have decreased drastically. Boots very cleverly launched an online beauty consultation service to encourage people to continue buying makeup while ensuring they receive the same top-notch advice when they do. It’s astonishing to think about what we can achieve digitally.


5. Kings Place


Kings Place, a London cultural hub of live music, art and food has recently launched KPLAYER, an online content platform that features past live performances and live shows every Wednesday. Not only does this allow people to watch their favourite performances from the comfort of their own home, but Kings Place can see which past performances people liked the most and use this data to inform their future live music programmes.


So, while the pandemic has left many businesses struggling, creativity and courage go a long way. Brands like these should inspire others to think outside the box during a crisis so that they can use the situation to their advantage. Whatever your business, job title or industry, what could you do to adapt your brand to the “new normal”?


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