All Creatives Welcome

By Tom Le Sueur

An intergalactic explorer emerges from a dense jungle and stares out into the vastness of space.

As we’re now one year into our Snap journey, we decided to give ourselves a birthday present by commissioning our talented friend, Will Bertram, to paint a giant-size, out-of-this-world scene on the wall that overlooks our rooftop terrace.

We named the mural Somewhere Near Another Planet (Or ‘S.N.A.P’, for short!). We have always taken inspiration from the limitless possibilities of outer space. The image symbolises our vision. It reminds us to look at the stars. To do things differently by exploring new horizons and ways of thinking.

Our large roof terrace is an ideal space to host guests and we wanted to celebrate our first birthday in style by unveiling the mural. However, we felt we could take our birthday celebration a step further.

At Snap, work and play often merge into one. Snap HQ is a revolving door of creative people and we all like to hang out after hours, so we came up with the Snap Social concept.



We hope to host regular Snap Social events to get to know our clients on a more personal level, in a casual environment. We want to break down the barriers for people in our industry by bringing together creatives, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and artists of all levels. This could even encourage some new and exciting collaborations!

Besides the networking opportunities, Snap Social is also an excuse to drink top-quality beer and mingle with like-minded people during the week. Let’s face it, there’s not exactly much to do in Jersey on a Wednesday night!

We pulled out all the stops for the first-ever Snap Social event on Wednesday 22nd August. We welcomed a melting pot of friends, family members, clients and creatives, who came along to help us celebrate our achievements. Our guests enjoyed the social lubricant provided by Stinky Bay Brewing Co and a musical backdrop of funk, soul, and jazz from DJ Stefunk.


While the centrepiece of the party was the mural and the entertainment on the terrace, we were also proud to invite people to take a tour of our workplace.

The office has come a long way since we first moved in. We spent long days and nights covered in sawdust transforming the knackered old rooms with worn out carpets into the clean, open creative space it is today. Tim from Virtex Studios created a ‘before and after’ Matterport scan of the space to show its evolution, which we hope to share with you very soon.