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ArtHouse Jersey Presents

By Sam Bullock

ArtHouse Jersey Presents is an initiative developed by ArtHouse Jersey with the belief that art is for everyone. With that in mind they’ve taken to accepting submissions to boost on their social platforms to help celebrate local art in all its forms like musical performances, short films, visual art forms, storytelling, poetry, and digital art. At Snap, we couldn’t agree more with the thought behind this amazing idea put forward by ArtHouse and we were more than happy to help build an identity and graphics to represent these beliefs.


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Representing the wide scope of the submissions for this project, we didn’t want to develop any designs that would represent only a few forms of art. For that reason, we created a set of abstract shapes and patterns to represent a form of unrefined creativity and matching that with an array of pastel colours on an off white background to give it a youthful playful feel, both aspects enhancing the creative look.


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Another aspect of the initiative developed was the use of the consistent hashtag, #arthousejerseypresents, on social media platforms which artists can use to tag their work and look up other artist’s work that feature the hashtag. This helps artists easily submit their work to be a part of the initiative, and allows ArtHouse to present the work on the ‘Presents’ page through embedded social feeds that focus on posts with the hashtag.


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We are really happy to be involved in this project. We love to support local creatives and having the opportunity to help boost their projects was a joy for us to work on. Now, it could be your turn to get involved. Submit your own project and become apart of a community of artists helping to build each other up and be visible. You could be featured next!


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