Breaking Ice - Virtual Journey to the Antarctic

By Jess Stanier

Need something to cool you off? Immerse yourself in an icy journey across the Antarctic with ‘Breaking Ice’.

When Artist Nicholas Romeril got the amazing opportunity to travel the Antarctic Peninsula on a military ship, we just couldn’t help but get involved.

PTF Motion, Snap & Virtex Studios provided Nick Romeril with specialist video equipment, along with a basic creative brief & training on how to use the tech on his trip.

We armed Nick with a large amount of storage so he could capture more than enough footage to create stunning 360° documentaries, across landscapes that most will never have the opportunity to view in person.

Along the journey, Nicholas painted some of the beautiful icy landscapes and wildlife that he saw. Once back in Jersey, the footage captured was given to PTF Motion, who created a series of three immersive VR experiences for Breaking Ice, which included:

  • Poem edit written by a Naval Officer on board the military ship that Nick was aboard, entitled ‘Breaking Ice’

  • Day in the life edit – follows Nick around the ship.

  • In the studio edit – Nick in studio when back.

The edited footage was presented as a series of Virtual Reality experiences alongside Nick’s artwork, featuring vast stretches of icebergs viewed from on deck, close up shots of awe-inspiring wildlife and behind the scenes footage how Nick creates his artwork in his on-board cabin studio.

The first was at Skipton Open Studios where people could not only view Romeril’s paintings but could also be transcended to the Antarctic Peninsula. ‘Millions of Penguins’ was the second exhibition, where VR headsets were available for spectators to view the series of three Virtual Reality pieces.

A spectator experiencing the virtual reality exhibition

A spectator experiencing the Breaking Ice virtual reality exhibition at ‘Millions of Penguins.’

The videos produced are a truly immersive experience capturing one of the most beautiful and least accessible landscapes on the planet. This week, USA TV Show Right There TV have shared the footage on their channel. Click here.