snap team on terrace

Building a Business: The Journey and the People

By Tom Le Sueur

As we approached our second birthday, it was fulfilling to take some time to reflect on how far we’ve come. Just with any business, Snap began as just a far-out sounding idea, Sam and I met at an Art Exhibition and it was only a matter of weeks before we were in the Digital Hub writing business plans and dreaming up what amazing things we could create together.


When we started to out-grow the Hub, we needed our own space to expand our team and upgrade our facilities to be able to pursue our grand plans. We worked next to another start-up company who were also searching for a new office space, so Tim and James from Virtex Studios also joined us in the new office. Our good friend Pete (PTF Motion) was looking for a new space to work, and so he came along to join the mothership (and the madness).


After loads of hunting, we finally found a rough diamond in St Helier. There were two separate wings of the floor, perfect for both Snap and Virtex to operate while also having their own space. But, the building itself didn’t really emulate the beautiful design work and modern technology of our business, but we did see huge potential from the blueprint… so time for the transformation.



We became temporary builders. After countless trips to B&Q, we had enough paint to turn the baby blue walls into a crisp white blank canvas. We ripped up the stained maroon carpet and laid sleek grey flooring. Then we managed to persuade friends and family to help with some of the manual work by offering them Stinky Bay Beer and Domino’s Pizza. We also managed to salvage some bloody decent second hand furniture so we no longer had to work on the old cumbersome wooden units that were inherited with the time-worn office space. We mapped out and built a green screen and audio recording room, transforming it from the storage space it was to something really exciting. Bit by bit, screw by screw, our new Snap enterprise was evolving into a well-oiled machine.



As the Snap office leveled up, so did the team. We started attracting the right kinds of people – talented freelancers, super switched-on juniors and talented middle managers looking for a challenge. Our team has grown from the original two to an impressive wolfpack of eleven.


8 snap members on terrace


In addition to the founding team we’ve now got Jack Mackenzie (Technical Director), Jess Stanier (Client Accounts), Luke Monet (Web Developer), Sonny Teeling (Digital Marketing), Callum McMurrary (Graphic Designer), Pete at PTF Motion (Animation), Callum Thorne (Film Maker & Photographer), Mike Canas (Wellbeing Coach), and Harry King (Web Design).


Our people are one of a kind. They’re people who are willing to pitch in. Who are excited by the opportunities our Island holds. A collective of super talented individuals with big personalities who aren’t afraid of hard work, who laugh often and most of all who love the work that they do.


Our environment is a by-product of who we all are. The culture celebrates what it is to be human. We concentrate on our working environment being fun, flexible, innovative and inclusive. We pride ourselves on being solution-based thinkers who are always curious, always learning and always keen to deliver above what is expected. It is such a pleasure to work alongside individuals who I can truly call an extended family (we spend enough time together to be!).


As our people have grown, so has our business. Clients are attracted by the different service we provide. We aren’t scared of taking on huge, exciting ‘can’t be done’ projects. This year, we created the world’s first global literary festival. And, we are working on a number of large confidential tech projects that we cannot wait to shout about too. That said, we celebrate the small-fry, help out the underdog and have a duty of care to charities in our Island – when we have resource, we give it.


I am extremely proud of what Snap has become over the last two years, and cannot wait to see how we continue to grow over the next year. Thanks to our clients, friends, families and colleagues for leaping onto our ship and having faith in the Snap vision. To the rest of you, I hope you can join us on the next stage of our journey…


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