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Bento sushi

A Cultural Brand Transformation

A Cultural Brand Transformation

A pioneer in Jersey’s culinary landscape, Bento Sushi stood as the Island’s first and only sushi restaurant, and is still the only venue with a sushi belt. They approached us seeking a brand refresh that would pay homage to its storied legacy. 

Service & Scope

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 Our challenge was to subtly enhance its visual identity, preserving the authenticity that has made Bento Sushi a cherished destination for loyal fans of Japanese cuisine in Jersey.

Our Approach

Brand Idea

To breathe new life into Bento Sushi’s brand, we recommended subtle adjustments to their well-established logo. Embracing Japanese culture, we incorporated the Kanji translation for ‘Bento’ and adopted the red rising sun from the Japanese national flag “Nisshōki”. This not only retained brand recognition but also added a touch of authenticity. 

Our brand system infused the vibrancy of Japanese culture into Bento Sushi’s visual identity. Utilising a palette of reds, golds, and sky blues, we guided the client in choosing colours for their restaurant refurbishment. This harmonious blend catered to the varied tastes of Bento Sushi’s diverse clientele, both young and old.

Character Design

To enhance engagement with customers, we introduced ‘Maru,’ a lovable feline character inspired by the ‘Kawaii’ Japanese art culture. Meaning “round” or “circle” in Japanese, Maru’s chubby appearance and playful demeanour resonated with patrons. This charismatic addition also pays homage to Japan’s cultural reverence for cats.

Menu Revamp & Social Media Assets

Revitalising Bento Sushi’s menu, we included their clear pricing system aligned with dish colours on the sushi belt. This visual cue streamlining the ordering process. Additionally, we equipped the client with a comprehensive set of brand assets tailored for social media, enabling them to craft captivating online content.


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