Digital Jersey boldly goes where no annual review has gone before

By Tom Le Sueur

How does the island’s leading digital body show it means business? Why, digitally of course.


There’s an old saying that Powerpoint presentations are like the peacocks of the business world – all show, no meat. It takes a lot to arrest our attention, even with the most exciting subject matter, as we sit through slide after slide and dream about what canapés will be served in the break-out area. 


We’ve come to greet annual business reviews with a dread of the inevitable tedium that awaits. It’s just a fact of working life, right? 




We think that it’s better to show not tell, so this year Digital Jersey and Snap dreamed a little bigger with their annual review. We knew that not everybody could join Digital Jersey to share their successes on the day. That meant that if you missed it, you missed out.


With a little help from Snap’s creative brains and strapped with some groundbreaking technology, together we solved the problem of making an annual review both edge-of-your-seat epic and accessible to all.


The medium would be the message. What better way to showcase innovation in the digital sector than by using tech to tell the story?


Digital Jersey would share their successes from 2018 through an immersive virtual reality experience, available to everyone year-round, available across various sites around Jersey.



So how did we do it?

Digital Jersey’s annual review uses the medium of virtual reality in a completely immersive way. This is 2018, captured in vivid definition and played back in 360 degrees.  


The experience begins with a very Morpheus-like Tony Moretta greeting us in a Matrix load program (Oh, a virtual environment created with Snap’s green screen). Tony invites us to join him on a journey to relive some of Digital Jersey’s biggest wins of 2018.



Viewers experience the biggest events in the digital calendar in crisp definition – sat in a front row seat at the Jersey Tech Week, whisked to the centre of the action at the Jersey Skill Show.


Jump to the summit of Jersey’s Air Traffic Control tower, where you gain a rare perspective on an exciting new project, then materialise at the pump-house at Queen’s Valley reservoir, before gaining access to some behind-the-matrix locations like the IoT labs and the new DJX hub.


VR headsets were tactically sent to key business figures around Jersey and overseas along with key media, so they could experience a live 360 conference from the comfort of their office wheely chairs. 


Bending space and time

Through the medium of VR, we were able to create a retrospective of the year in 360 degrees. Our good friend and animation extraordinaire, PTF Motion, created graphic overlays to make the biggest wins of the year pop-out over your plane of vision. We were able to plot points in space in our viewer’s lines of sight to make each message come alive in a vivid way.


We were even able to create a time-lapse of the Jersey Skill Show to condense the highlights of a flagship event and, well, skip to the good bits.


With such an ambitious project, there were a few challenges to overcome. The thing about 360 cameras is that they capture… well everything. Picture the Snap media crew ducking behind a 360 camera at the Reservoir to stay out of shot!



What’s next for Digital Jersey?

The virtual reality experience was designed to celebrate a year of wins for Digital Jersey, but it  also fixed a keen eye on the future with the exciting developments planned for the year head.


And what a year it’s been for the digital sector. 


From launching the Digital Skills Strategy with the University of Exeter, securing funding for the island’s new Digital Skills Academy, building the Digital Jersey Xchange (DJX) and the island’s first IoT innovation lab, taking Sandbox Jersey to the UK and France, not to mention launching a Start-Up Licensing Scheme and holding the island’s first Jersey TechWeek and TechAwards. (One of which has pride of place in our boardroom!)



To infinity and beyond

Snap created this bespoke virtual reality experience for Digital Jersey with the future in mind. This is just one commercial use-case of VR and we’ve only begun to explore it’s infinite capacity to solve real business problems and engage consumers on a profound level.


Snap can harness the power of virtual reality to transcend users to incredible new worlds, to inspire and engage your audience, and to open up new markets that were previously beyond your reach.


Get in touch to explore how virtual reality can expand the horizons of your business.


Seeing is believing

You can experience the Digital Jersey Annual Review yourself at various locations throughout Jersey including the new Digital Jersey Academy, the DJ Hub and DJX.


Digital Jersey’s 2019 plan included providing support to more digital start-ups than ever before, developing Jersey into a bustling centre of IoT activity, launching the Digital Skills Academy and promoting Sandbox Jersey as an attractive and unique destination to develop and launch new ideas.  All of which can be evidently seen in the real world today.