Facebook distribution score

Facebook Distribution Score - What is it and how can it be improved?

By Sonny Teeling

Facebook has recently released another metric to help marketers better understand how their content is performing on the platform. Originally available to view strictly within Facebook creator studio, the all-new Distribution score can now be seen on each of your posts within the platform.

Facebook distribution score

How does it work?

Your distribution score takes into consideration the number of shares, comments, reactions and 1-minute views (for videos) on your post to provide an overall figure on how well your content is performing against your previous posts and how well it is being distributed to an organic audience. The higher the score, the more your content will organically appear within feeds across the platform.


Why does it matter?

With competition within the platform ever-increasing and marketers fighting to appear above their competitors in the newsfeeds and stories, it is important to increase the engagement of each of your posts to help please the algorithm. The new distribution score metric allows you to track exactly how well you are achieving that and reaching new audiences. Reaching a new audience through your organic content will also reduce the need to create paid campaigns in order to reach an audience outside of your followers which will help save some of your marketing budget.

Facebook distribution score summary

How can I improve my distribution score?

So how can you improve the distribution score of the content you are pushing out? We have put together our top 4 methods.

  1. Create engaging content – People will only watch or react to a post that they think is either informative or entertaining. So try to make your content more helpful and or fun for your audience to help increase the engagement and watch times on your posts to help increase your distribution score.
  2. Encourage interactions on your posts – Simply asking people to react, share or leave a comment on your post can help increase your overall engagement and distribution score. For example, asking for your audience’s opinion in the comments section, encouraging them to tag a friend or asking them to react to your content are all ways you can improve your reach on your organic content.
  3. Create more video content – One of the main statistics Facebook focuses on when calculating your distribution score is the number of 1-minute video views your post is getting. So by not using video in your marketing strategy, you are limiting your chances of reaching a large organic audience from your Facebook posts.
  4. Look at what content is working – By keeping an eye on the distribution score of each of your posts you can get an understanding of what types of content are reaching a larger audience. This data should be used to alter your content calendar to include posts that are likely to reach a large audience.

Do you need help creating more engaging content or maybe introducing more video content into your marketing strategy? Get in touch today for a free consultation and find out how we can help your business.