FNHC's Colour Festival 2020

By Callum

We’re very happy to announce our sponsorship and support of FNHC‘s Colour Festival 2020, a 5K run that raises money to fund the annual wage of the children’s Paediatric Palliative Care Worker on the Island who helps provide respite for local children with life-limiting conditions.



Last year Snap helped FNHC evolve the event which was previously known as the Colour Run, but we wanted to take it in a new direction. In an effort to increase numbers attending the event, we rebranded as FNHC’s Colour Festival to appeal to new audiences and celebrate this fantastic community event. After helping to raise over £30,000 last year alone, it turned out to be a huge success.


colour festival 2020 logo


Snap were invited to support the Colour Festival for 2020, we wanted to grow this event even more and build on the momentum from last year.


Snap and FNHC have set an ambitious target to achieve 2,020 runners to complete the 5k beach run across Jersey’s South Coast. To help achieve this Snap has created a funky new logo, an eye-catching promo video, a concise new event plan and a well thought out and creative marketing strategy. We are confident that this year’s event will be bigger and better than ever before.


FNHC’s Colour Festival 2020 takes place on Saturday 4th July at 12:30 pm. Please grab your tickets and support the event by clicking the link below:

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We look forward to seeing you there!