Houseparty - The App Taking Over from Facebook.

By Jess Stanier

When we say house party, what do you think? If you’re above the age of 16, you’ll probably think we’re inviting you to an event in one of our homes. But, if you ask someone under 16 then it is really likely they will know what we’re talking about… it’s an App which is changing the way that kids party.


Check it out:


Described as a ‘Group video chat with Houseparty on Chrome so you can talk to your friends when you’re not together’, Houseparty acts as if it is an actual house party. There are multiple rooms, where you can lock the door and lock yourself in (with or without someone else) and these ‘rooms’ are where you video chat. When you unlock the door, you can have as many people as you want on video chat to one another at the same time – like a digital party. Everyone can see who is in each ‘room’ and who with. So it’s a good place for some old gossip to begin…



When we asked our focus group (of under 13s) what Apps they used the most, this was the order we got from all five.

  1. Houseparty

  2. Snapchat

  3. Instagram


And, what does this mean? Well, it means that Facebook and Twitter weren’t even on their radars. Out of our focus group of five, only two actually had Facebook accounts. All of them had two accounts on Instagram – one for friends and one for family.



As the next generation moves up the ranks, having grown up with devices as extensions of their arms, how will we keep current? How will we be able to reach them? Will the most popular platforms change from the iconic Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with all ages?


For the team at Snap, this is super exciting. Within our team we have App developers and games designers who are itching to create something new. If you’ve got an idea that you need support on, get in touch. Who knows, maybe it’ll be the next Houseparty.


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