How to Build an Effective Website - September 2021 Guide

By Jess Stanier

Before we get into how to build an effective website, it is probably good to understand if you actually need a new site. A few easy things to consider when you work this out are…


Is your website mobile friendly? 

Mobile is naturally going to be where most people begin their journey to your website. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, then it will look pants when viewed from your phone. If you aren’t sure, take a look now at your website from your handset. Or, you can use this tool from Google


Does it actually look good?

Do you like how your website looks? Or has branding changed recently? Is it a bit inconsistent? Do fonts and styles vary per page? Are there too many pages? If your answer to any of these is YES, then it is likely it’s time for a refresh.


Is your site speed slow?

Diagram explaining how fast your website should be

How do you rank on Google?

Head to Google and search a term that relates to your site. For example, if you are a mobile phone provider, then Google ‘Mobile Phones Jersey’. Try a few variations of the phrase. Does your business pop up here? Is it high on Google’s search list? 


The reason you will search key phrases rather than your business name (which hopefully it’d be the first search hit for) is that it is unlikely, unless you are a household name, that the customer will actually Google your business name when searching for a service or product you provide. 


Don’t worry if your company is pretty far down the list. You can improve this ranking, move higher up on the search list and even to the first page through the use of some simple SEO. Visit our blog page here for some free strategies on improving your SEO.


People have landed on your site… now what? Did they convert into a paying customer? 

What do your visitors do when they’re on your website? Do you know how long they stay there for, what they do, where they click and where they leave the page? Do you know what device they viewed your site on, where in the world they are located and their age? 

Google Analytics is the tool you’ll use to track this. And you can understand your visitors behaviour, how many potential customers you lost out on and which parts of the site are not working for you. You probably already have a Google Analytics account set up, but if you don’t, don’t worry. We have created an easy guide here on how to do it  Or, alternatively let us do it quickly for you.


Your site isn’t HTTPS…

If your site isn’t HTTPS it could massively affect your ranking. Here are some key things to know about HTTPS.


Infographic explaining 8 things you need to know about https

Now what?

So, now you should have a pretty decent idea of whether you need a new site. If the answer is YES, we’ve got options for you. There are lots of free tools to create your own site if you are technically savvy. Here are a few of our favourites and a rundown of each…

Want to create your site yourself? 

Here are our two favourite options for DIY sites.



Easy peasy to use, perfect for those who want to build their own site but don’t know how to code. Pre-designed templates and drag  & drop feature make it very easy to create a site. Wix is more restricted than WordPress as it is a more simple platform – so has less ability to be customised.



Squarespace is perfect for brochure sites with limited functionality. It is formatted very uniformly, so extremely simple to build and use. However, due to the simplicity it is very limited in what else it can do.


Don’t fancy DIY? 

Let the professionals create you a stunning site, and then manage it easily yourself with WordPress. 



As it is used by about 40% of websites, there are a lot of plugins available and it has a great CMS system – so you’ll be able to update your site easily once it is passed across to you. WordPress is a great option for a professional to build on your behalf and then hand across due to the simple content management system available, which gives power back to you once initially created. 


If this sounds good, get in touch and we can talk more about how WordPress might be the right site for you.


Don’t want to manage your site?

If you’ve decided that you want a bespoke site, created just for your business needs then you need to reach out to a team of Web Developers & Designers (funny, we know a really good crew…) who can literally build what you want from the ground up.


We’re ready when you are. Let’s chat.