How Lean Six Sigma will Transform your Business

Creating Digital Ninjas

Lean Six Sigma

Tom (CEO), Jack (Technical Director) and James (Digital Project Manager) have just been awarded Lean Six Sigma Green Belts following their participation in the Jersey Business Business Improvement Programme.

Lean Six Sigma is a methodology for improving processes and reducing waste within an organisation. It combines two approaches: Lean, which focuses on streamlining processes to eliminate waste, and Six Sigma, which focuses on identifying and reducing defects. A Lean Six Sigma Green Belt is an individual who has received training in the Lean Six Sigma methodology and is responsible for leading small-scale improvement projects within a business.

When combined with digital transformation, a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt can help an organisation streamline processes and improve efficiency by leveraging digital tools and technologies. For example, they might use data analytics to identify inefficiencies in a process and then use digital technologies, such as automation, to eliminate those inefficiencies.

In general, a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt can help an organisation transform its business by identifying and eliminating waste, improving efficiency, and increasing customer satisfaction. They can also contribute to the development of a culture of continuous improvement within the business.

Snap is now providing local businesses with full business process audits to help identify waste and opportunities to save costs and increase productivity.  Please contact James Howard via email if you’d like to learn more.

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