8 Things You Need to Consider for Your 2021 Marketing Strategy

By Jess Stanier

As the year flies by, have you taken the time to consider your marketing strategy for 2021?


If you haven’t and are wondering how to go about making a 2021 Marketing Strategy and the supporting budget. We’re going to help you.


The Marketing Budget:

How much are you planning to spend? If you want to promote your business, then a marketing strategy is a must – and a budget too. If this is your first rodeo, an industry-standard is 10% of your gross annual revenue to be allocated into a marketing budget for the year.


What are you looking to achieve?

Well, you probably want more customers. But… how? Are you looking to drive more website traffic? Convert sales online? Are you looking to increase repeat business? Get really clear about what you’re looking to achieve and then make sure your goals are SMART – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound. Once the goals are clear, then you can ensure every spend within the budget is tied to one of your targets.


smart objectives


How’s your brand?

Before you start pushing your brand out to customers, is it ready? It is imperative that your company looks consistent across all channels – social media, newsletters, emails, website, traditional adverts. You want to be clearly recognised, no matter where your brand appears.


The key to ensuring that your brand looks professional and consistent (and therefore trustworthy to your potential customer) is sticking to your brand guidelines. And if you don’t currently have any, now is the time to get some. It will mean that any member of your company, or agency, can pick up your guidelines and create content which is in-line with your brand. It should include tone of voice, a primary and secondary colour palette, fonts that your company use and where and how your logo will feature on any artwork.


Many brands still exist without clear guidelines. Our creative team can whip you up an easy-to use document which saves any confusion, and means that your brand always looks polished, professional and trustworthy.


enable brand guidelines

(Brand Guidelines for Enable Jersey. View Project Here.)


What about your website?

We’ve written not long ago about the importance of a really good website. Check out our blog here on five really easy ways to check how your website is currently performing for you – and whether it is time for some updates. https://snap.je/build-a-good-website/


Put time aside for content – 3.5 hours per blog post to be exact.

Revisit your SMART objectives. If one of your goals was to increase traffic on your website, then content marketing is key – and blogging is a great way to drive traffic. Check out these stats from (https://www.ryrob.com/blogging-statistics/).


  • Having a blog on your website increases your search engine ranking by 434%

  • Companies who published between 20 – 50 blog articles saw an increase in traffic of 30%


Plus, if you needed any more encouragement:


  • Content marketing produces 3X more leads than paid search

  • 60% of people are inspired to seek out a product after reading content about it


So, it is definitely worth including blogging within your marketing budget and strategy.


Email Marketing – be useful, don’t annoy!

Not sure if you should be email marketing in 2020? Well, if your content is good, then you definitely should still be sending out email campaigns to your database.


Let’s check out some stats. According to PR daily (https://www.prdaily.com/infographic-how-to-combine-email-and-social-media-efforts/)

  • 81 percent of online shoppers who receive emails based on past shopping habits consider another purchase

  • 72 percent of consumers prefer to receive promotional content through email than social media


So a well-planned, integrated email marketing strategy can be a very cost effective way to reach your customers. Remember to add in backlinks to your website… the perfect place for a blog link


Don’t forget about Social media.

It goes almost without saying how important social media is. Whether you like it or not, it is highly likely that even as an individual you are on at least two social networking sites yourself.


So, it is key that your brand communicates well across social media. That said, you don’t have to be on every social media site. It might be that your customers respond better on one platform than another. Consider the ages of your customers when planning where to post, and when to post – eg will a professional be more likely to be on Snapchat or Linkedin? And, will they be likely to pick up social ads at 4.30pm, or 3am?


social media for marketing strategy


How will potential customers find you?

The algorithms are ever changing. This means that often your wonderful organic social media posts are not seen as much as they should be (or had been a couple of years ago). So, now it is time to plan some campaigns across social media – which will increase your visibility on social. You can still get away with relatively low spend as long as your campaigns are well-planned out. Luckily for you, if this sounds like the land of the unknown, we can take over. Our Digital Marketing team can plan and manage your campaigns from just £749 a month.


As well as social advertising, it is worth considering Search Engine Marketing. Unsure what that is? Think about when individuals write keywords associated to your company into Google. You’d want to show up right? After all, that customer is actively seeking something that you offer, waving money at someone willing to take it. Make sure you show up when they’re ready to buy by integrating a very strong Digital Marketing strategy. Our SEM guide here might help newbies to this – and again, we’re ready to help plan the campaign when you want to hit ‘go’. (https://snap.je/what-is-sem/ )


Search engine marketing 2020


Review the data.

Taking the time to review Google Analytics, social media insights and both email open rates and click throughs will provide much better direction than all the top industry research you can find. Again, if this world blows your mind, then it might be a wiser use of your time to concentrate on another area of the business while you outsource.


What you need to consider here is how are people responding to the content your putting out there? Is it working? What times are the best? What content is performing the best? How can you improve, move budget and increase ROI in other areas?


Analytics are the way that you can find out if your strategy is working – and if it isn’t.


google analytics for marketing startegy


The Snap team offer everything from top level Marketing Strategy to creating intelligent digital marketing campaigns which will drive sales, increase website traffic and prove all of this with demonstratable ROI. Sound good? Let us be the extention to your team. Get in touch at info@snap.je