By Jess Stanier

#MinquiersUncovered was, without doubt, the coolest collab we’ve ever been a part of. The aim of the game was to get a talented bunch of creatives, makers & business owners together to capture truly outstanding content for all of our channels, each having the opportunity to show off what we do, skills-share and while bigging up some unreal local businesses. Each of us giving up our time in exchange for each other’s – it was really amazing to be a part of.


Located between Jersey and France, Les Minquiers is a truly jaw-dropping location which looks like something straight out of the Caribbean. Even though I’m an Islander, I’d never actually had the pleasure of visiting before – so I was very keen to get on board (literally) when Rich at Seafaris started talking about taking a group across to the sandbank for a promo shoot.


ariel shot of the minquiers

(Image Source: BAM Perspectives)


I think it is important to mention here that when you meet the team at Jersey Seafaris, they’re the kind of laid back people that immediately make you feel like close friends – so even an intimate private charter to one of their destinations would never feel intrusive. They were an absolute pleasure to work with and made the journey to and from Les Minquiers not just stunning, but fun.


Rich & Steph from Jersey Seafaris (along with their team Matt & Dan) were eagerly waiting for us at Albert Pier, along with thirty Seafaris-blue waterproof jackets. We were promised a fun but probably slightly bumpy ride across to Les Minquiers. The morning had been foggy and felt cold, so at Snap HQ we were panicking if it was going to be another cancellation (we’d already had our sights set on this happening at the beginning of summer, only to be rained off). Yet, Mr Sunshine came out for us bang on 12 noon and we were blessed with really good weather.


seafaris rib

(Image Source: BAM Perspectives)


After a quick megaphone brief from our production manager (Snap’s very own Tom Le Sueur), our castaways made their way to their vessels, donning Seafaris-blue waterproofs. We crawled out of the harbour, before engines revved and we were bouncing along the open seas with the wind in our hair.


Moments like that are invaluable. Looking around, all I could see was thirty cheshire-cat grins. I kept hearing ‘this is amazing!’, ‘we’re so lucky’ and ‘it’s beautiful’ exchanged between groups as we zoomed toward the sandbank. They weren’t wrong. When the sun is out, the sky is blue and you’ve made the trip from office to ocean in less than five minutes, it is very hard not to feel overwhelmingly grateful for this little rock we call home.


#minquiersuncovered cast arriving

(Image Source: Andy Le Gresley)


Our Skippers cranked the up feel-good tunes which had our castaways singing along, then whooping as they carved doughnuts and sped against one another on the beautiful blue.


One boat had jetted ahead of the rest (the wonderfully named ‘Canestella’, skippered by the legend Josh Chamier), carrying Chris from Good Stone Pizza, Andy Coutanche aka Jersey Sandman, Anna Renouf aka Wonderlands Event Design and Laura More aka Nine by 5. These guys needed to be ahead of the castaways, to get the beach fire pit started, begin the extra-large sand art and capture some ‘untouched’ landscapes for our content.


On our other ship was Andy Le Gresley, Marc Le Cornu aka BAM Perspectives and Callum Thorne who were weaving in between boats three & four in order to capture some shots of us all having a bloody good time on route to Les Minquiers. Then, amongst the castaways, we had Pete Taylor Fitch aka PTF Motion and Melissa Rodrigues capturing moments aboard ship, then ready to jump off and start rolling as soon as we were on land.


#minquiersuncovered camera crew


In total we had thirty people join us for the collab. It was an incredible day on the sandbank, surrounded by crystal blue seas – it felt like we were in the Carribean. Many of our locals on the shoot had never been to Les Minquiers before, so it was awesome to have so many enthusiastic models in the shoot really thrilled to be there.


Laura (Nineby5) watched with a keen eye for the goings-on throughout the day, snapping shots of our castaways and the companies as the collab took place, while gathering content for her blog piece on the day.


After some beach games, Michael Canas took us for a zen beach yoga session and taught the braver people in the group to headstand. He couldn’t help but take the opportunity to train martial arts with one of our Snappers on the beautiful beach.


Mike Canas teaching yoga to #minquiersuncovered cast

(Image Source: Andy Le Gresley)


Melissa Rodrigues was an absolute pleasure to work with. She captured an outstanding array of candid shots of our castaways, the talented creatives and companies at work, plus stunning scenic shots too. As an up and coming photographer, Mel totally exceeded our expectations and we’d collaborate again in a heartbeat.


Matt had buried his treasure trove of Stinky Bay beers in a coolbox under the sand, covered with a layer of ice to keep the entire crew well lubricated all day long – and it wasn’t long until our castaways dove in for their first brew.


group cheersing stinky bay

(Image Source: Melissa Rodrigues)


Chris from Good Stone, along with his glamorous assistant Josh, cooked a mouth-watering mix of veggies, lamb and halloumi which was built into burger stacks that made the entire group go completely silent bar some very appreciative ‘Mmmmmm’s’. Anna (Wonderlands Event Design) styled the food stunningly so that all of our creatives could capture the drool-worthy grub in its full glory. The outdoor catering available through Good Stone is unreal – with them able to cater for all tastes, dietary requirements and intolerances.


The Good Stone preparing burgers

(Image Source: Melissa Rodrigues)


Annie Law sang a jaw-dropping acoustic set for those who needed to chill after their yoga and eating session, her voice like honey while the appreciative crowd gathered on comfy picnic rugs under the beating sun.


Annie law playing guitar

(Image Source: Melissa Rodrigues)


The more adventurous of the group took a swim out to one of Seafaris ribs, where the promise of a chilled box of refreshing Stinky Bay beers beckoned. After a couple of beers, a dive-off soon took place with each castaway trying to out-do each other on the most impressive jump. Super-talented photographer Andy Le Gresley donned a wetsuit and flippers to capture the fiasco and his shots of the day are (as always) absolutely breathtaking.


Jack diving off boat

(Image Source: Andy Le Gresley)


Having a talent like BAM Perspectives on the sandbank to shoot amazing aerial footage with his drones was a real treat, his final shots really do capture the beauty of Les Minquiers.


Andy C aka The Jersey Sandman padded across to the opposite side of the Minquiers to the rest of us, so he could create the Minquiers Uncovered logo in solitude without his design being trodden on by our castaways. The finished product was breathtaking, and awe-inspiring how someone is able to design something which looks so outstanding from above, without having eyes there themselves.


PTF Motion was jumping from sandbank to SUP with his equipment balanced on his shoulder as he captured our castaways adventures. Callum Thorne is no doubt a master of the camera. His film making is second to none, and he directed our models, carefully composing perfect angles with his eagle eye for the obscure shots that will cement our final edit together. We can’t wait to see Callum & Pete’s final edit.


The final content from the day will be used by all businesses to promote themselves and each other. Collaborations such as this are invaluable to showcase the talent we have on our Island. It was an incredible project to be a part of, and we can’t wait to share the final edit in a few weeks time.


For now, check out the companies featured and what they can do. Give them a follow on social media. Think of them for your next campaign, event or project. And, if you have a collab idea in mind, we’re all ears.


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(Cover Image Source: BAM Perspectives)