Connecting Artists with the Community

Arthouse Jersey

ArtHouse Jersey support local and International artists to create ambitious work that has a positive impact on our community. With their values in mind, Snap refreshed ArtHouse's brand identity and developed a responsive website that is now a hub for all creatives.

Branding / Web Design & Development

The design of the ArtHouse site is minimal to keep focus on showcasing the creator’s work rather than distracting users with busying UI elements. Developing a simple structure for a large volume of content can be tricky, however through extensive wire-framing and sitemap reviews the users can now find what’s relevant for them easily and efficiently.

The exhibitions, workshops, programs and generally supportive nature of ArtHouse Jersey has made them one of our favourite clients to date. Knowing that we can have an impact on the community and give back to the thriving Island of Artists, Makers and Creators is a really great feeling.


Collaboration is key. If you would like to work with us get in touch at


Photography Credit: Holly Smith Photography