A New Identity for a New Concept

Club NED

Brand design is constantly evolving alongside the business landscape to fit with the modern era. With Club NED, we aimed to create a brand and website that puts a refreshing spin on elegant corporate design.

Branding / Graphic Design / Web Design & Development

Our Club NED brand journey took us to both sides of the corporate and modern design spectrum as we sought to find a balance. We aimed to create a brand identity inspired by striking corporate style design. But we also wanted to find ways to differentiate the brand by exploring elements you may not expect from corporate organisations.

We looked towards Soho House, as well as world-renowned events brands like TED Talk to tap into some more in vogue, basic design styles. The end result combines the executive look of corporate clubs with the sleek modernity of tech start-up companies. The Club NED logo takes the aspirational connotations of a corporate seal and puts it through a contemporary filter, with its clean edges and angular, sans-serif logo.

Our web team designed the Club NED website around clear navigation and functionality, providing all the information potential members need to know in a digestible format. We created custom forms which act as an easy means of communication between members, organisations and Club NED. The website also considers Club NED’s future needs with its in-built blog, job and event listing sections that will be developed as the club grows.

Our team is always dreaming up inventive brand identities that stand out from the crowd. If you need help coming up with a timeless look, we are here for you.