A Life Without Limits

Enable Jersey

Enable Jersey is a small charity with a big vision, for disabled people to be able to live a life without limits. Founded in 1970, and originally known as ‘The Jersey Society for the Disabled’, Enable were looking to update their brand and website. We wanted to help raise awareness of their mission, by crafting a brand and website that matched their big goals and lively attitude.

Animation / Branding / Graphic Design / Photography / Web Design & Development

We wanted to make sure we didn’t conform to the traditional standards that people expect from a charity brand. In line with their values, we created a brand with vibrant colours and a bold typeface that is full of life and energy which resonates with their clients and wider audiences. All together these elements show off a forward-thinking charity, which in turn raises awareness of people with disabilities on island.

At the core of the new brand is the infinity symbol. Present in the middle of the new logo, brand patterns and icons we wanted to make it clear that Enable represents ‘infinite possibilities’ for people with disabilities. A life without limits.

Themes of visibility and vibrancy have carried across through to the photography guidelines, with an aim to capture candid pictures of the real people that work for enable. Enthusiastic, passionate and engaged.

After completing the brand we wanted to ensure a clear functional website to bolster the launch of their new brand. Designing a mockup of the website before developing it allowed us to establish a user journey that fitted Enable’s needs. Focusing on three main pathways to view their services, volunteer and get in touch.

Accessibility features for the website were an important aspect we included in the development, adhering to accessibility guidelines which allowed users with disabilities to utilise the new site.

The last touch to the homepage was to add an animated infinity symbol to continue the lively feel of the brand.