Introducing Team Thompson

Thompson Estates Animation

Thompson Estates were looking for a unique campaign to rollout across 2020, that would be both informative and engaging. Here at Snap, we crafted a vision of an illustrated Thompson’s world based on their brand, staff and local environments. The elements had to be accommodating to use in digital marketing campaigns, print content and animation.

Animation / Graphic Design / Illustration / Social Media

We presented the Thompson Estates team with a minimal illustration style which focused on creating avatars of their negotiators. This concept highlighted them in a friendly way with the playful tone of the animation, to create a connection with the audience and encourage them to get in touch.

After conceptualising the outcome for the animation and getting the go ahead from Thompson, it came down to us to manage all the creatives we wanted involved in the project. We had creatives who made the illustrations of the characters and scenes respectively. Using these assets our design team created frames for our frequent collaborator, PTF Motion to animate with the characters models he had rigged. We had to manage a lot of independent creatives to bring this project to life, with each freelancer bringing a bit of their own style, for an amazing outcome.

To bring the characters to life, the illustrations had to be deconstructed and made ready to rig. Rigging a character allows the user to assign actions and animations to a series of controllers, like the strings of a marionette. Each character requires a different setup or controllers depending on the design and intended actions. Although rigging is a powerful tool, it does not always forgo traditional key-frame animation. However, rigging allowed us to simplify character movements and let us focus on secondary animations that bring the characters to life in a playful way.


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