Mapping Jersey’s Creativity

Map of Wonders

Working with ArtHouse Jersey, we were proud to help nurture the creativity of the Island’s primary school children by designing several brand elements and weird and wonderful illustrations for their Map of Wonders project.

Branding / Graphic Design / Illustration / Print

Map of Wonders is part of the Genesis Education Programme, which promotes the wellbeing of young children in Jersey’s primary schools through the arts. It aims to give children a sense of place, through learning a bit more about Jersey’s culture and history and allowing them to express themselves through art assignments.


The project focuses on seven folklore stories and features short films created by local filmmaker Gatis Valters and starring John Henry Falle, The Story Beast.

We took care of most of the visual branding aspects of the project, including resource packs for teachers, several physical maps that were used as props in the short films, and a set of fun illustrations to represent each story. We set out to create a unique brand and art style that would appeal to children and invoke a sense of wonder and adventure.


Our design team studied ancient cartography design and settled on a font that matched the script style featured on maps from the 15th and 16th century. We chose to add some embellishments around the text, reminiscent of the compass and sun designs featured on many of the maps we drew inspiration from.

ArtHouse Jersey loved the simple, quirky, cartoon style of the Stinky Bay craft beer labels, and said that they wanted something similar. We happened to create Stinky Bay’s brand and illustrations, so this was an ideal launchpad for our Map of Wonders artwork.


We were provided with scripts to give us context and worked together on mood boards. Every aspect was carefully considered to create a recognisable icon for each story. For example, we studied the ornate designs of Breton chairs for ‘Episode. X, The Golden Chair,’ and chose to work in a depiction of the mythical city, Ys, where the chair was rumoured to have come from.

We created high-quality prints of seven maps. This way, a new illustration would be added to the Map of Wonders in each episode, eventually filling the map. ArtHouse Jersey did a good job of ageing the paper so they look like the real deal!


Finally, we needed to present all the project information and aims in a way for busy teachers to easily digest and lead the lessons. We created icons and colour codes to separate the main focus areas of the episodes and make clear which actions and outcomes fall into each category.

Map of Wonders was a fantastic project to be involved with as it gave us a chance to create some truly out-there illustrations! It was also incredibly rewarding to know that our work would go on to inspire children’s creativity across Jersey. Well done to the students at St Mary’s school who recreated their own map of wonders. Our team can help to realise your custom brand or illustration ideas, no matter how wild your vision is! Get in touch.