Creative Castaways

Minquiers Uncovered

When Jersey Seafaris approached us with the idea of collaborating to create a video on the Minquiers, we couldn’t wait to get involved. The creative team quickly evolved the idea into a full day of capturing content for multiple local brands and businesses.

Branding / Creative Direction / Event Management / Influencer Marketing / Location Management / Production / Social Media / Video

The team at Snap are extremely proud to have produced and directed the Minquiers Uncovered video. As well as producing the video, Snap created the Minquiers Uncovered brand logo, giving the project a visual identity. This project demonstrates the power of collaboration and it was great to see so many local creatives and business owners working together with such passion.

The video perfectly portrays the adventures offered by Jersey Seafaris, vibing with local craft brewery, Stinky Bay, and the finger-licking goodness served up by The Good Stone. The video is a great way to engage with a broad demographic through a range of online channels. We oversaw all stages of this event, from location management to shot planning, cast management to creative direction. Hours of preparation ensured the day ran as smoothly as the flat calm ocean you can see in the stunning photography.

On shooting day, we needed to work efficiently to ensure we captured enough footage and photographs for the video and branding. The Minquiers sandbanks are only uncovered for a few short hours at low tide, so we were on Mother Earth’s time. The team incorporated a variety of wide-angle and scenic shots as well as close-ups of people and products, ensuring we capture a happy, positive community scene that showcases the products and businesses.

We designed and created the Minquiers Uncovered branding and logo to be integrated into the video, including the work of the Jersey Sandman to further display this in a unique and creative way. Not only does the branding give the video identity, but it makes it memorable for viewers and gives the video a competitive edge in the market.

The best thing about this project was the collaborative aspect of it and being able to bring local businesses together, creating content for each other to produce something really special. In the distribution process of the campaign, we encouraged all our collaborators to tag each other in every social media post to promote each other’s businesses. Not only is this a fantastic way of increasing each organisation’s online presence and the final video product, but it represents business to business support and Jersey’s rich sense of community spirit.

The team at Snap thoroughly enjoyed participating in such a unique and exciting project in which we were able to merge work and leisure.

If you like the sound of this collaborative campaign, we would be more than happy to do something similar again! Get in touch today to see what we can do for you.

Thanks to all of our collaborators BAM Perspectives, Andy Le Gresley, Melissa Rodrigues, Stinky Bay, Wonderlands, Annie Law, Jersey Sandman, NINEby5, Callum Thorne, PTF Motion and Michael Canas.