Saving Our Pollinators

Pollinator Project

The Pollinator Project came to us to help raise awareness about the decreasing populations of pollinators with a fresh new animation to get people's attention.

Animation / Scripting / Video / Voice Over

An important aspect for Pollinator Project was ensuring all the information was accurate, providing us with a list of flowers to feature in the video and a list of key pollinators (including Hummingbirds, Hawkmoths & Bees to name a few) to animate.

Narration for the animation was provided by Bob Tompkins, of Pollinator Project, who is a lifelong conservationist with a passion for protecting Jersey’s ecosystem. Initially we received a script from the client, which we edited to make it work better as a voiceover for Bob to record. From this point we created the storyboards for the video, which was animated by PTF Motion.

To bring together everyone’s vision for the project we ensured to work together on Pollinator’s original script to translate it into storyboards, and then develop the storyboards into the final animation.


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