A magical audio-visual adventure

Roaming Soundtrack

ArtHouse Jersey’s ‘Roaming Soundtrack’, an audio-visual art project expertly curated by the purveyor of outstanding music, Camp Bestival & Worldwide FM’s Rob da Bank. www.roamingsoundtrack.com

Branding / Creative Direction / Graphic Design / Web Design / Web Development

Snap joined the ArtHouse Jersey team in their latest production. As a result we were commissioned to produce the branding and digital means for making this fantastic collaboration a reality.

The project entailed a fluid brand identity, individual artist branding, listening posts with relevant QR codes and a slick responsive website.

The theme behind the fluid brand identity is our local Island landscape. With this in mind, we designed textures and patterns with Jersey’s contour lines as the basis. Which allowed us to to create an expansive brand identity that could be used to encompass artists of all genres.

Each artist was represented by their own Roaming Soundtrack logo. Each of these logos, had been designed using the coordinate’s contours and colours complimenting the photography produced.

The success of the project can be measured by the range and diversity of those who explored the island looking and listening. From young families to older generations, Roaming Soundtrack did an exceptional job of introducing our Island as a source of inspiration to locals and international best selling artists alike.

At Snap we have a passion for projects that allow us to explore the middle ground of creativity and technology. If you have an idea for a project that hits the sweet spot, get in touch!