The creative process

Skipton Open Studios.

Skipton Open Studios, produced by Arthouse Jersey and sponsored by Skipton International sees local artists open their studios and quirky exhibition spaces for the public to visit. In need of a change of direction, Skipton tasked Snap to reinvigorate their event to appeal to a wider audience.

Animation / Branding / Conceptual Art / Events / Graphics / Illustration / Print / Social Media

We wanted to create a brand that represented the artists and their output, placing emphasis on the artistic process whilst also ensuring anyone who would see the marketing collateral would understand what Skipton Open Studios is about.

Sketching, stencilling and torn paper were all part of our discovery phase. As well as giving the brand a tangible, work-in-process feel, we also ensured it would be appropriated for Open Studios’ increase in social media and digital activity.


Photo: Holly Smith Photography


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