Independent Accountancy Specialists

SRM Accountancy

When SRM Accountancy came to us for help with their branding and new website, we were more than happy to help. Our services set the firm apart from their competitors with a bold identity and user-friendly website.  

Branding / Graphic Design / Web Design & Development

The challenge was to develop a brand identity that balances the bright and colourful personality of SRM with the professionalism of their client services.

This portrays SRM Accountancy as a unique firm that provides more personable accountants who aren’t afraid to think outside the box and provide alternative services with a fresh perspective.

While designing the website, we wanted to clearly transfer the dynamic energy of the brand so that visitors are immediately engaged by the unique style of the firm. Using the brand’s colour scheme, we were able to contrast each section, providing a clear user-friendly experience.

During the design process, we created an expressive set of illustrations that breathe life into the website by showing that the firm is not anonymous, but positively influences people’s lives and businesses.

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