The Trilogy

Stinky Bay

If you haven’t heard of Stinky Bay already, where have you been hiding? I’ll recap for you, Stinky Bay is a local brewing company that creates the most delicious craft ales. Here at Snap, we’ve been collaborating, supporting and promoting Stinky Bay since day dot.  We've designed and illustrated their headline range of ales: Stinky Bay IPA, Beached Whale and the newest brew Shipwrecked.  We might have tasted a fair few along the way.

Animation / Branding / Graphic Design / Illustration / Packaging

Stinky Bay IPA introduces the much loved Stinky Bay mascot, Sven the Seaweed Monster. He can be seen popping his head up in a weird underwater world on the bottle of the original flagship brew. Establishing the fun, vivid and slightly ominous world that surrounds Sven, it gives the brand a lot of personality that sets it apart from other craft beers in the drinks industry.

A light biscuit malt and a combination of English and American hops deliver a refreshing citrus finish.

Sven’s journey continues onto dry land with Stinky Bay’s second release, Beached Whale (Pale Ale). We find Sven relaxing on the beach with a new friend (a beached whale). Switching to a sandy colour palette to portray a summer’s day on the beach felt suitable for this lighter refreshing session ale.  The design is easy on the eye and the brew is easy on the taste buds.

Ultra light session pale, notes of citrus with a slight sourness.

Finally, on Shipwrecked (NEIPA) Sven’s vessel has capsized in the deep seas. However, he has been inexplicably abducted by some strange visitors. The quirky design matches the punchy tones of this ale.  Where will Sven end up next? Perhaps he’ll go where no other seaweed monster has gone before.

A hoppy but light ale with a tropical fruit centric aroma and flavour.

Thanks to PTF Motion for supplying the 3D bottle models and animation.


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