Getting Wavey with Tidal Rum

The Tidal Rum

A golden aged rum, infused with oak-smoked Pepper Dulse foraged at low tide in Jersey. Sound delicious? It is.

Graphic Design / Print

This summer as Tidal Rum made the move to promo events, they were in need of some marketing collateral to support their concession.

So, we worked together to create smart totems and feather flags to adorn their pop-up bar. Working with our suppliers we were able to design and get delivery within a week, hitting our last-minute deadline for our client’s key events of festival season.

Earlier this year PTF Motion created an intricate 3D model of their bottle, allowing them to import their product into any environment imaginable. 3D modelling is extremely useful for products as it negates the need for constant product shoots, and also allows you to be much more creative with marketing campaigns.

Our design team created a poster campaign around this which centred around the idea of a stormy day and seeking respite in a warm cabin with a bottle of Tidal Rum.

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Thank you to Submarine Creative for letting us use their awesome video.