Bold, Sharp, Connected

Thompson Estates

Thompson Estates, a prestigious estate agency that has served islanders since 2001, approached Snap looking to radically reshape their brand identity, both digitally and on paper.

Branding / Print / Web Design & Development

We worked closely with founder and CEO, Margaret Thompson and her team, to produce a unique re-brand that binds a long-standing heritage with an eagerness for evolution and relevance. A custom-designed website, logo, typeface, and colour palette has helped launch Thompson’s new mantra – ‘BOLD. SHARP. CONNECTED.’ – into 2019.

The agency’s open-mindedness made it an exciting process for our designers, who were able to tune into Thompson’s core values and create designs reflective of their contemporary practice and progressive mindsets.

We have worked on both large and small-scale projects, using digital and traditional formats; our team produced the latest Property Monthly magazines with blasts of illustration, and have provided Thompsons with a synergised pack of marketing design and print-work.

Thompson Estate’s goal to capture the attention of first-time buyers, while remaining attractive to their loyal client base, is harnessed by the new logo, a graphical re-design of the iconic Scottish thistle. The bold and sharp symbol, with its location pin stem rooted into the ground, represents the agency’s connectedness – not only to each other but to their clients and to the island at large.

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Animation Credit: Daniel King