Making the
impossible reality

Virtex Studios.

Virtex Studios have established themselves as the leading provider of Virtual and Augmented Reality services in the Channel Islands. Originally named 'Virtual Reality Jersey', the company required help re-branding to widen their market beyond Jersey.

3d Modelling / Animation / Branding / Graphics / Print

We developed a fluid brand identity that would be complimented in all traditional formats, as-well-as digital mediums such as virtual reality.

Taking influence from science fiction movies and computer games such as Echo Arena and WipeOut 2097 – along with intricacies of Blade Runner. The futuristic logo with beveled edges, aesthetic symmetry and mathematical precision, mirrors the work Virtex carries out day-to-day.

With all our clients we aim to learn and understand their needs and see things from their perspectives.

With Virtex we became immersed in the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality worlds and found ourselves exploring the technologies full potential. This is an exciting business that brings limitless possibilities with its growth, we look forward to stepping into the future with Virtex.