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5 SEO Quick Wins to Increase Website Traffic

By Sonny Teeling

What is SEO and why should I do it?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of increasing the amount of organic traffic to your website. This is done by optimising your content for the search engine’s computer programmed algorithms in order to gain their trust. This helps to achieve higher rankings for the relevant key phrases and therefore more website traffic.

So we have put together a simple guide on 5 SEO quick wins that will help increase your website traffic using the free Yoast SEO plugin.


1.) Optimise you Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

Your title tags and meta descriptions are one of the most important and visible pieces of SEO work you can do. This is what people will see when you appear for the specific key phrase they have searched for. So it is important that both are relevant and encourage a click through to the page. To optimise your title tags and meta descriptions you should make sure they:

  • Include your Key Phrase
  • Are the correct length for mobile and desktop (60 characters or less for title tags and 160 characters or less for meta descriptions)
  • Clearly explain the benefit of clicking through to the page
  • Are original to your page. Don’t duplicate either!

title tag and meta description seo

Title Tag and Meta Description for Social Media Image Sizes blog.


2.) Research and Set a Keyphrase

Key phrases are short and simple descriptions of your content which you want to appear for within the search engine rankings. For example, if you are selling trainers, one of the key phrases you may want to show up for is ‘running trainers’ or ‘running shoes’.

When picking a key phrase for your page or blog you want to look at the number of people searching for that term per month, the competition for that key phrase and how relevant the keyphrase is for your product or service.

To access this data we recommend you use the Google Ads Keyword Planner tool (free account required). This allows you to access past data on your keyphrases including monthly searches and competition levels. This tool will also give you relevant keyword suggestions by scanning your page and picking out which terms best fit your business.

google ads keyword planner


3.) Add Internal and External Links

Internal links are hyperlinks that direct readers to other pages on your website, whereas external links are hyperlinks that direct people to pages on a different website. Both are important for SEO and don’t take long to implement.

Internal links will help keep viewers engaged with your website for longer and will increase the authority of your site which will lead to higher search rankings. To optimise your internal links you should make the clickable text as descriptive as possible to make it clear to the search engine bots what your page is about.

Similarly to internal links, external links can help increase the authority of your site and provide a better overall experience for your users. Linking to trustworthy pages with high traffic will improve the credibility of your website, whereas linking to insecure, irrelevant pages will lower your rankings in the search engines and therefore reduce your website traffic. To access a website authority and page traffic we would recommend using the Ubersuggest tool.

ubersuggest domain score for SEO


4.) Assign Alt Text to your Images

Alt text refers to a description assigned to an image on your website. The original purpose of Alt text is to describe the appearance and function of an image to users who cant see them. This includes readers and browsers that block images as well as users who are sight-impaired. There are also SEO benefits when adding appropriate Alt text to your images as it allows the search engine crawlers to better understand the purpose of your page and therefore increase your rankings for the relevant key phrases.

To optimise your Alt text you should:

  • Be as specific as possible
  • Keep it relatively short (120 characters or less)
  • Don’t overuse your key phrase (only include your key phrase when relevant)

alt text example


5.) Update Existing Content

It can take hours to create new blogs for your website that are truly engaging and informative for your users. However, you don’t always need to start from scratch. If you already have a large library of content on your site, updating or repurposing your existing content is a great SEO quick win. Going back and making your content more relevant and up to date will help increase your rankings and boost your site’s traffic without the need for a brand new concept, copy or imagery.

This will also provide you with more content for your social media channels which will help drive even more traffic to the page and gain the trust of the search engine bots and crawlers. And we know that the more trustworthy your site looks to the search engines, the higher you are going to rank and the more traffic you are going to receive.

website traffic for updated blog SEO

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