The Snap-vengers: What can Jersey's mightiest heroes do for you?

By Callum

On an island that is home to confusing marketplaces with constant shifting trends and new technologies, one team of heroes stands between you and these threats to your workplace and income. One team to ensure that you receive great service, complemented by excellent work that highlights your business’s unique selling point and helps promote your awareness. One team known as — The Snap-vengers.


The Multimedium – Callum McMurray

Super Graphic Designer with Telepathy & Foresight

Once the average university student, learning different design disciplines, until one day while working late to complete a project he came into contact with ‘Chemical X’ by accidentally pouring it into his coffee. This unlocked latent psychic abilities in his mind, allowing him to read minds and briefly see into the future. Now styling himself as the ‘The Multimedium’, he uses his ability to read minds to effectively communicate with clients who don’t always know how to use industry language to get what they want out of a project. Pairing this with his ability to see the future he can future proof concepts and projects so they can be used on different platforms and don’t inadvertently cause world destruction.


Sunbeam Teeling – Sonny Teeling

Digital Marketer with Laser-Focused & Eagle-eyed vision

As a child Sonny had an unhealthy habit of staring at the sun. Worried about the damage this was doing to him, his parents took him to the opticians where he miraculously passed an eye test with flying colours. Little did they know, he had been storing the sun’s beams within his retinas. The Snap-vengers were the first to pick up on his powers in his late teens and showed him how to use his gift for good. He now uses his laser-focused vision to analyse campaign data and optimise for conversion. He also possesses an eagle eye which he uses to spot upcoming digital marketing trends from a distance so that his clients achieve the maximum results on all campaigns.


The Creatom Tank – Tom Le Sueur

CEO with Ability to Generate Ideas to Solve Any Problem or Enhance Any Business

During the great storm of 1987, whilst baby Tom was sleeping in his cradle, a lightning strike penetrated his bedroom window and charged the synapses in his brain to be able to think differently than other humans on earth. Tom now sees everything as opportunities and solutions rather than problems. Tom now uses his superpowers to constantly generate mind-boggling ideas and efficient solutions for clients and his fellow Snap-vengers. There’s no dream too big or problem too challenging for the Creatom Tank to tackle


RealityWarp – Sam Bullock

Creative Director with Reality Warping Powers to Conjure the Vision of Your Brand

Sam Bullock - Snap-venger

A closer than you’d hope for encounter with extraterrestrial life, left a lasting impact on an impressionable designer. This impact is both a burden and a gift. Often finding himself on a constant process of manipulation he ventures into the unknown of the arts. Together with the support of his team and client’s knowledge, he crafts a vision of products and services for the audience and world to love.


Mack-anical Jack – Jack Mackenzie

Cyborg Technical Director Utilising his Upgraded Body to Develop and Build Projects.

Jack Mackenzie - Snap-venger

When a week-long CodeJam left Jack’s brain fried, he knew it was time for an upgrade, seeking out the best biomechanical engineers in the world they helped him hack his body to work more efficiently and effectively than anyone before him with cybernetics, internal UI, nanotech and just a sprinkle of love. More than a man, more than a machine. He is the Auto-Mack-Ton. Jack uses his newfound abilities to develop, iterate, and generate more effectively than any regular man, with projects ranging from WordPress websites to technical custom-built platforms to suit any client’s needs.

The Snap-vengers have promptly saved the day for many local businesses, large and small, with their efficient turnaround of high-quality work. Today, still wanted for their expertise in the industry they thrive by taking on new exciting briefs and constantly producing beautifully crafted work. If you have a problem, no matter how great…you can hire The Snap Team.