Snap's Wellbeing

By Jess Stanier

Our people are our most valuable asset. So naturally, their happiness is super important to us. When working hours often spill into early mornings and late nights, we are sure to keep the balance by having some key wellbeing at work projects to improve Snap’s wellbeing and to keep our team on form.


snap meeting in the boardroom

Our team working hard, planning the Colour Festival 2019.


Richard Branson is a stand-out leader in the employee wellbeing space, with a number of his projects making sure that staff balance their work and home lives, stay healthy, feel like valued team members and have opportunities to devote time to personal projects.

At Snap, we offer our staff two free weekly yoga sessions, daily veg & fruit loaded smoothies, a sunny terrace to catch rays and a boardroom which doubles as a ping pong table to name a few initiatives.


green smoothies

An example of our in-house smoothies a.k.a ‘Hulk-Shakes.’


When there is a little more time available then a trip to France with Jersey Seafaris is a nice bonding opportunity doubled with the chance to capture some awesome footage of our beautiful Island, from the sea.

How does your business look after its staff?