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Snap's Top Apps to help you through Lockdown

By Tom Le Sueur

With COVID-19 lockdown and only 2 hours per day to go outside, we are all relying on our digital devices for work, entertainment and life in general. We asked our staff what their most popular apps were during lockdown.


Tom Le Sueur: ‘DuoLingo Buenos Dias! I start every morning in lockdown with 20 mins of learning a language. When perfecting your Spanish is made into an addictive gamified app, it’s amazing how quickly you learn. It even has some of the more obscure languages like Swahili and even Klingon! Duolingo is fun and interactive, I highly recommend it’.


Duolingo app


Peter Taylor-Fitch (PTF Motion): ‘No favourite apps for you! I’ve been trying to avoid my phone as much as possible as all comms are through it now and it seems to be buzzing every 2 minutes

I have been using the time to try advance some skills though, taken an online course and have been doing the arthouse drawing challenge!’



Mike Canas: ‘Being a Personal trainer and well-being coach, maintaining face to face contact with my clients is important so Zoom is a great virtual way for me to keep running and attending classes and webinars during lockdown’.


zoom yoga app

zoom call


Callum McMurray: ‘Iā€™d say my most used app is Reddit which I use to help connect with creative communities and to find creative inspiration. I use Spotify for music whilst working and for podcasts (specifically not another D&D podcast). I have also been using Twitter for up to date news and to follow my favourite creatives’.


reddit app


James Howard:

‘Don’t tend to use my phone an awful lot, but with that said:

Strava, for tracking and comparing my daily cycling. The web portal also allows you to view “fly-by’s”, which essentially collates all the routes of other Strava users that you might have passed onto one map, and lets you play it back. Good for route inspiration, and interesting to see what other people are doing (a.k.a general nosiness šŸ˜‰ )’


strava app


Some people are getting really creative during these strange times and using the Strava app to draw and write. Now that’s how you get your exercise to carry a message.


strava line spelling help


Sonny Teeling: ‘I have to say the Amazon app. I have had to order a load of birthday presents for people without being able to actually go shopping’.


amazon app


Sam Bullock: ‘TBH Instagram is still top of the list because I need to oogle at people’s art & design work. Other than that, Headspace [good for the noggin], Procreate [iPad Drawing & Painting App].

Houseparty is already dead to me’.


sam bullock instagram feed

Check out some of Sam’s creative work @bam_sullock.


Have you got any apps you have been spending more time on during lockdown? We would love to know your favourites. Let us know in the comments section, or ping us a quick email to