Snap's Top TV Series to watch during Lockdown

By Tom Le Sueur

It’s not surprising that now consumers have been asked to refrain from social gatherings and stay at home due to COVID-19, media consumption is booming! We wanted to know what TV series people were watching, so we turned to our Snappers (a member of the Snap family) as a focus group to see what was dominating their screen time. This is what they said:

tom's top tv series


I spend my screen time on a variety of platforms, namely Youtube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, 4OD and BBC iPlayer. Generally, I watch documentaries and films based on real-life events, however, I have just completed Ozark, a binge-worthy series on Netflix.


I was a huge fan of the multi award-winning American TV series Breaking Bad, and Ozark has a lot of similarities to this, except replacing the BB desert for the Missouri Lakes. Ozark is a crime drama starring Jason Bateman and Laura Linney as a married couple who are forced to relocate their family to the Ozarks following a money laundering scheme gone wrong. When they arrive in Missouri, their family of four become entangled with local criminals, including the Langmore and Snell families, and later the Kansas City Mafia. Ozark is 3 seasons long, each season made up of 10 x 1 hour episodes. I was hooked from Season 1, and quickly ploughed through the entire series. Be warned, it’s highly addictive and the plot twists keep you gripped throughout. Although, Breaking Bad for me was written better and is more believable, Ozark still stacks up to be one of the best series I’ve watched, and only being 30 episodes, I was kept interested from start to finish.


Some of my favourite films and documentaries I’ve watched during lockdown include:

Tiger King (Netflix) This true crime documentary about Big Cats centres on the trials and tribulations of an Oklahoma zoo owner called Joe Exotic and his nemesis, an animal rights activist called Carol Baskin. It’s a short series about lions and tigers trapped in cages. But it’s also a show about some of the most dislikable and strange people you’re ever likely to come across. It’s a grizzly car crash TV series at its very best. Warning! This will divide audiences, it’s a Marmite kinda show.

Evil Genius (Netflix) Yes another true crime documentary! This time a real bizarre murder plot involving a pizza delivery man with a bomb around his neck. If you like a dose of weirdness with a convoluted plot this is highly recommended.

Andy Irons: Kissed by God (Prime) This film follows the life of surfing champion Andy Irons, who you think is living the dream!  Andy was used to winning, but few knew the behind-the-scenes battles he was facing, which only made his achievements all the more impressive. An exploration of bipolar disorder and opioid addiction through the eyes of a world champion surfer. This is a powerful film.


Pete's top tv series


Like everyone else on this planet I definitely jumped on the Tiger King hype train when it came out, but the 2 things that have really stood out for me during lock down are The Midnight Gospel and After Life, both TV series available on Netflix.

The Midnight Gospel probably isn’t for everyone, but it is one of the most profound animations I’ve watched. A series created by legendary Pendleton Ward, a pretty radical departure from what we’re used to seeing from him. Using extracts from a podcast of the same name the show covers things like death and love, the legalisation of marijuana and meditation all set to, often irrelevant, out there animated set pieces. The animation on this show is incredible and for anyone wanting a bit of weirdness!

After Life. All I’ll say is if you haven’t watched this and fancy a good cry, check it out. Quite possibly my favorite thing Ricky Gervais has created, me and my fiance binged both seasons in an evening and what an emotional roller-coaster that was…


jack myvlf


I haven’t watched too much media content recently as I’ve been busy working on a platform for one of our clients. Last weekend there were 20,000 visitors to, which is a Virtual events platform that Snap has designed and built. Myvlf is an online space where Authors, readers and literary enthusiasts can meet, interact and download content, for free! So whilst my colleagues have been slacking 😉 I’ve been making sure all the Myvlf site is an enjoyable place for all to visit.


Harry's top tv series


Narcos Mexico – Drugs, brutal murder and betrayal


sonny's top tv series


Dead to me [Netflix] – I have just finished watching the second season of Dead to me. A real dark comedy, full of tense moments in every episode. However, the two main characters, Jen and Judy, provide many laugh out loud moments. With cliff-hangers at the end of every episode, it gets quite hard to turn off but I would fully recommend it.  


callum's top tv series


Kingdom. Netflix’s first original Korean drama. Set in Medieval Korea, the story follows the Crown Prince Lee Chang who faces a political plot to overthrow his claim to the throne and a mysterious new ‘plague’ bringing the dead back to life. I gave this show a chance when I first started watching it, and it was so worth it. The tension this show builds throughout its first season is insane, it practically forces you to click on the next episode button. There are currently two seasons on Netflix, take a chance.

Westworld Season 3. Robot Cowboys. Violence. Challenging Philosophical Questions. What more could you want? Season Three of Westworld just finished and they upped the game by showing the world outside the ‘Park’ and adding the great Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad’s Jesse Pinkman) to the cast. If you’ve never watched Westworld or need to catch up, all three seasons are available on NowTV.

Community. Finally, one of my favourite comedy TV series has finally been added to Netflix. Dan Harmon’s (Rick and Morty) Community follows a ragtag group of characters at different stages in life that bond by creating a Spanish study group after joining Greendale Community College. Really clever comedy that tells surreal stories packed with pop culture references and meta jokes lined throughout the show which make it highly rewatchable as you spot new jokes every time. #sixseasonsandamovie


sam's top tv series


The Midnight Gospel [Netflix] – If I try to write about this TV series I would only do it a disservice, you need to watch it. The animation is amazing but the scripting/podcasting is even better.

LUTHER [BBC/ Netflix] – Just finished the series for the second time. It’s basically Idris Elba wearing two jackets being a sick guy, chasing down serial killers.


So here it is, our Snap curated lockdown media list in table format:


Title GenreChannel
OzarkCrime Drama Netflix
Tiger KingTrue Crime Documentary Netflix
Evil GeniusCrime Documentary Netflix
Andy Irons: Kissed by God Documentary Amazon Prime
Midnight GospelAdult Animation Netflix
After LifeDark Comedy Netflix
Narcos MexicoCrime Drama Netflix
KingdomThriller Netflix
Westworld Season 3Science Fiction Now TV
Dead to meDark Comedy Netflix


All the Snappers belong to the Generation Z or the Millennials age groups (aged 16-37), check out this article published last month, for some very interesting stats on the breakdown of media consumption by age group