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How to Thrive Online Through Digital Marketing

By Jess Stanier

Digital Marketing is simple. Target those interested in your business. Focus on what they want. Provide a solution. Catch their eye. Make them click. Turn those clicks into sales. Turn those sales into repeat business. Gain their trust. Reward loyalty.

Simple. Or is it?


In our Digital Age, Jersey is often still behind the curve. With such a low percentage of businesses using digital marketing tools to grow their customer base, it is the perfect time for those with a bit of foresight. Digital advertising bids are driven up the more people wanting the same keywords… so with hardly any competition, the cost of advertising on google & social is very low. Very measurable. And very effective.

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The magic of Digital Marketing is that you can trace a customer all the way from their initial search to what they then did on your site, to what they bought – and if they returned to buy more. This isn’t just effective for e-commerce platforms. It works to generate leads, build a customer base and ultimately scale your business.

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Often a point of pain for our clients is how to assign resources to create a digital marketing strategy and run their online campaigns, measure the result and report on the impact. Luckily, this is where we come in.

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Our Digital Marketing team will work with your business to create a list of KPIs you’d like to achieve, then organise a series of campaigns to hit these targets. Over three months we will report on the best campaigns, the conversions and suggestions for the following month to continue growth – including suggested spend.

If you are ready to take advantage of the growth you can experience through Digital Marketing, get in touch with our team at or message us now for your free consultation. What are you waiting for?