Top 5 Secret Santa Gifts under £10

By Jess Stanier

Secret Santa. A workplace tradition. Absolutely fantastic if you know your colleague well, or if they’re a joker. But what if you draw the short straw and get someone impossible to buy for? Well, don’t worry, we’ve got a rundown of some fantastic gift ideas for every personality.


If you’re in charge of the Secret Santa

Wave goodbye to old school pieces of paper in a hat. With the FREE site Draw Names, you can set exclusions (so certain people don’t get one another), each person can add a ‘wish list’ of gifts to help with the present-buying,


  1. Enter each name into
  2. Set a name for the Secret Santa group
  3. Set a date for the gift exchange
  4. Add the gift budget
  5. Add an invitation message for the group
  6. Now, you can decide whether to send the information to your Secret Santa group via email, WhatsApp, text message or messenger.
  7. Each person can set up a ‘wish list’ of gifts they’d like to receive within the budget, which is available for everyone else to see.


Once the participants get their link, they will see the name of the person they need to buy for along with a ‘wish list’ that each person can set for themselves, full of ideas. It really is a great site which sorts out all the admin in Secret Santa, and will make your life as the lead organiser much easier! You’re welcome!!


Our top 5 gifts for each workplace personality…

Once you’ve got the name of the person you’re buying for, it is time to get buying! Ideally, they’ll have given you some ideas of what to buy on their wish list… but what if they haven’t?


1. Our top pick for the office foodie… 

Put some hot sauce in their bag. Liven up those mid-week tupperware lunches with a gift set from The Wiltshire Chilli Farm.


chilli sauce set secret santa

Price: £10


2. Our top pick for the office grump…

If you haven’t heard of Modern Toss, it is about time you did. If you’ve got someone in your office who loves to complain, then this is the absolute perfect gift for them. Think the best in sarcastic British humour. Lots of swears. Lots of laughs. Very dry. A desktop calendar is the perfect gift for your grumpy colleague.



Price: £8.99


3. Our top pick for the boss…

So, you picked the boss. You can’t discuss gift options with co-workers because that will spoil the surprise – but what on earth do you get your CEO for Secret Santa?!

Well, obviously, a megaphone. We think that this is the perfect nod to your illustrious leader, and of course it’ll be a pretty fun addition to your boozy Christmas meal.


megaphone secret santa

Price: £11.99


4. Our top pick for the office Intern…

Welcome to the world of work. We appreciate it is going to blow your mind. So, here’s a small coping strategy to make your days slightly more fun…


table tennis secret santa

Price: £6.99


5. Our top pick for the office joker…

Aha. The prankster. The clown. The joker. The ring leader. We know that this person is going to be the life and soul on your Christmas do. This game is the perfect gift to get the party started.


twerk pong secret sanda

Price: £10 


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