What a Year! - Reflecting on 2019

By Tom Le Sueur

While we are welcoming 2020 with open arms, fresh brains and hungry for more amazing projects, we also just want to take a minute to recognise how awesome 2019 was. With truly incredible work across all our departments, we’ve seen brands, blogs, awards, events, marketing campaigns, websites, tech platforms and some epic socials too!


I grabbed my notebook and pen, and in my best interviewers voice, I asked the team what their most memorable moments of 2019 were. This is what they said:


Harry King – Web Designer & Developer / Office Manager

Loves a pint and is a demon with the Ping Pong Bat

Harry’s highlight was the Snap Table Tennis Club. Which he was a very active member indeed. One of his moments of joy was his three week-long unbeaten run on the table.


Harry also successfully grew tomatoes, courgettes, chilli peppers and cucumbers on the office terrace. They were enjoyed by the entire team at one of our weekly Feed em’ Friday lunches in the boardroom. Check you out Harry Fearnley Whittingstall.


This year Mr. King also made use of the office Yoga and Circuit training, which is a regular fixture in the Snap wellbeing program. He said that Yoga is not something he would normally do but it turns out he is quite the contortionist.


sam and harry table tennis


Callum McMurray – Graphic Designer

Movie buff and coffee fiend

Callum was very passionate about the FNHC Colour Festival which took place in July. He explains “it was amazing to see the brand concept I designed being etched into the sand on the beach in a 20-foot sand art piece by the Jersey Sandman“. This was one of the first full branding jobs Callum completed for a client so what better way to see your work come to life than on 1500 T-Shirts of event participants, huge banners and aerial drone shots of the huge sand art version of the brand. The day was topped off when Callum was thrown in the air by his colleagues dressed as Morphs. Just another day at Snap really.


callum thrown in air by morphs


Sonny Teeling – Digital Marketing Exec

Has a sweet left foot and owns a Leopard Gecko called Roy, who was renamed Roi (Return On Investment) when he became the Snap Digital Marketing King.

Sonny also loved the Colour Festival, particularly spending the day dressed as a morph, high fiving the colour runners as they passed through the stations getting doused in coloured powder paint. Sonny ran the digital marketing campaign for this event and managed to achieve more sign-ups than ever before, exceeding the client’s target. Sonny said “it was so rewarding to see everyone arrive at the event, and help Family Nursing & Home Care raise so much money for such a worthy cause”. One of Sonny’s stand out moments of the day was seeing the 1500 people simultaneously paint the skies of Jersey’s South coast during the festival’s big finale.


sam tom sonny instagram frame


Jess Stanier – Client Account Manager

Can explain human behaviour through the patterns of the moon and wears slippers in the office

When I asked Jess this question she expressed herself in a very heartfelt way. She said “I’ve finally found my work family, my favourite people”. She explained this is the first time she has worked somewhere that every concept, idea or plan is listened too, and everyone has the opportunity to express themselves freely. There’s never a time when a colleague will say ‘no’ that can’t be done. There is always a solution and a willing hand to help.


A moment that encapsulates this perfectly is when Jess was challenged to write a blog on 10 Last Minute Halloween ideas and given a budget. With 12 hours notice every single member of staff let Jess dress them in bin bags and cheap Halloween props for a photoshoot in the green screen room. No complaints at all, actually most of them enjoyed it!


snap team Halloween costumes


Pete Taylor-Fitch – Animation & Motion Graphics Artist

Vegan Warrior and Snowboarding Daredevil

Pete took us back to our Snap summer social, where our good friends Jersey Seafaris, took the whole agency across to Carteret in France for Lunch at a quaint seaside restaurant La Potinière. He said “it was incredible to be surrounded by like-minded people who work so well together but also know how to have fun and celebrate together”. A specific moment of that day which is unforgettable for Pete is the return leg heading back on the RIB, with the whole boat of Snappers singing along as Rick Astley was belting out from the beast of a sound system.


Another key moment for Pete was being crowned the Snap Hot Sauce Challenge champion. Crikey that man can handle some heat!


ptf motion smiling on rib


Sam Bullock – Creative Director & Co-Founder

Office Entertainer, Regular Fancy-dresser and Fantasy Football Champ

Sam reeled off many moments of joy from last year. One of the major moments of realisation was Snap’s 2nd birthday. He said “it was amazing to look back and reflect at everything we had achieved in such a small space of time. It was great to celebrate with my fellow Snappers, my family and friends”.


Sam also worked on some incredible and varied projects in 2019. He explained “it was great to deliver projects in all areas of design like branding, illustration and web design”. Going on to get recognition by winning Digital Jersey’s ‘Digital Company of the Year’ title at the Tech Awards was also a huge highlight for Sam. He is looking forward to working on some more exciting projects this year.


snap team collecting award


Callum Thorne – Filmmaker & Photographer

Makes stunning videos, loves new swag and absolutely awful at Articulate (the board game)

One of the biggest highlights for Callum was filming Snap’s recent Christmas Content; ‘The 12 Days of Snapmas’. Callum said “it showed everyone’s individual personalities through the medium of film and it was great to collab on such a fun project with Pete”.


Another stand out memory for Callum was the Kendrick Rose fashion show in Voisin’s department store. He said “it was great to see the video premiered in front of a big crowd and see the clients so happy with the work”. Callum also took advantage of the event and bagged himself a new Tommy Hilfiger puffer jacket.



Jack Mackenzie – Technical Director

Cage fighting Ninja who gets lost in the matrix from time to time

Last year Jack took part in ‘Rumble on the Rock’ event to raise money for charity. He remembers a specific time where he was standing in the Octagon before his fight, and he could see an army of supporters; family, friends and of course the whole Snap squad. He reflected on how amazing it was to have such supportive and energetic team members he gets to work with everyday.


Another incredible moment for Jack, was launching MyVLF. Jack had put hours and hours of hard work into this cutting edge Tech platform. So launching it and seeing it work was very satisfying for Jack. He loves solving problems and making things work. This product has also won multiple national and global awards, so props to you on this one Jack, well done.


snap team in cage with jack


Luke Monet – Web Developer

Makes a naughty vol au vent and is a wizard on the keys

Snap Jams was Luke’s highlight of the year. For those of you who don’t know, Snap Jams were a series of small pop up events where we invited creatives, artists and like-minded people to join us for evenings of music, art and local produce. Luke explains “all the planning and hardwork of the Snap team came together and I was elated to see the events come to life in front of my eyes”. Luke said it was amazing to be part of such an inclusive culture, hopefully we’ve planted a seed for this collaborative movement to grow. Luke expressed “this platform is perfect for artists to showcase their talents, network and share ideas together”. Look out for more Snap Jams coming this spring!


James Howard

Baker extraordinaire and successful Arabian bookkeeper

James only joined the Snap team towards the end of 2019, however he already has a number of shining moments. One in particular which James will never forget was the Arabian Nights event, Snap organised for a client Christmas party. As part of the event, James created ‘Bet Bazaar’, a virtual animal racing game, in which punters are invited to place betting tokens on their favourite animal and watch them race in realtime on the big screen. This was one part of an entire themed banquet event with decor, entertainment and interactive elements.


James said “it’s nice to see hard work paying off, and getting to see a project through from start to finish, from planning all the way through to hosting the event”. The clients were delighted with the Bet Bazaar game, you could see the intense engagement and smiles of joy when they saw the characters, aptly named after the management team start racing around the 3D desert-style racecourse (all built from scratch by James may I add). This was a super fun project for James, he really loved working collaboratively and getting to explore new areas of development he hasn’t had a chance to before. Keep your eyes peeled, as Bet Bazaar with be hitting the app store in 2020. On your marks, get set, Go!


James Tom Jess Arabian nights


Looking back on 2019 and hearing what my team had to say about their special moments was very rewarding, and made me feel so grateful for the year I’ve had. I have to say this is 100% down to my amazing team and the wonderful clients we get to work with. One of the best moments for me was winning the Customer Service Award in digital innovation. Customer service is something which I think is very important, particularly for the digital industry, so to be recognised was epic!


Tom Sam Customer service award


2020 promises to be a winning year full of magic moments too. Snap are always looking to recruit like-minded individuals to grow our Snap family, so if you think you’d fit in with our hardworking, ambitious and fun-loving team, get in touch.


Snap loves a new challenge, so if your business needs any design, digital, marketing, video or event services, grab a coffee with one of our squad. We promise to always deliver the results you’re looking for.