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What is a Google Ads Quality Score?

Google Ads Quality Score

A Google Quality Score is the way that Google rates the quality and relevance of both your keywords and pay per click ads. If you aren’t sure what these are, visit our SEM blog before you read on.

Your Google Quality Score is used to determine your CPC (cost per click) and multiplied by your maximum bid to determine your ad rank in the auction process. As we discussed in our SEM blog, search engine marketing isn’t just a case of throw in the highest bid and getting what you want – Google wants you to actually have content that is relevant, quality and useful for the user.

Let’s break it down

So, Google will take into account….

  • Your current click-through rate on your ads (so do people actually click on your link when they search the keyword you are bidding on).
  • The quality of your landing page. The content on your landing page should include similar terms and phrases to what’s used in your Google Ads copy and Keyword list. This shows Google that your landing page is relevant to the user’s search, helping to increase your ranking within the paid search rankings.
  • How relevant your ad text is. Do your ads include your keywords? Does it marry up with the copy on your landing page? Both will help increase your quality score and help increase your ad performance.
  • The performance of your previous Ad campaigns. Google judge you on the relevance of your previous campaigns. Didn’t do too well last time? Focus on the bullet points above to help improve your quality score this time around and for your future campaigns.

Why should I care about my Google Quality Score?

Google rewards companies who do what they ask. So, if you tick the boxes, they will give you higher ad rankings for a lower cost. This means that the higher your Quality Score is, the lower you pay per click.

How do I see my current Quality Score?

Sign in to Google Ads. Then head to search campaigns – find relevant campaign – keywords – columns (three dash icon above keywords) – click quality score – apply. Now your quality score will be shown on each ad group. You will be given a number out of 10. This is your quality score for each.

How do I improve my Quality Score?

Basically, everything we’ve outlined in our SEM blog here. It is doing keyword research, splitting those keywords into organised groups that are attached to individual ad campaigns, refining your ad text (changing it if it isn’t working), optimising your landing pages by following best practise, add negative keywords.

Need help increasing your quality score, reducing your CPC and generating more conversions from your Google Ads campaigns? Get in touch today to find out how we can help your business.

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