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What is a Google Ads Quality Score? - September 2021 Guide

By Jess Stanier

Cor blimey. There is so many things to consider! SEO, SEM, Google Analytics and even a new website. Now we’re going to throw your Google Quality Score into the mix too. 


First up, what on earth is a Google Quality Score?

A Google Quality Score is the way that Google rates the quality and relevance of both your keywords and PPC ads. If you aren’t sure what these are, visit our SEM blog before you read on


Your Google Quality Score is used to determine your CPC (cost per click) and multiplied by your maximum bid to determine your ad rank in the auction process. As we discussed in our SEM blog, search engine marketing isn’t just a case of throw in the highest bid & get what you want – Google wants you to actually have content that is relevant, quality and useful for the user. 


What? I am totally lost! Break it down.

So, Google will take into account….

  • Your current CTR on your ads (so do people actually click on your link when they search the keyword you are bidding on).
  • The relevance of each keyword to its ad group. (so your overall campaign – let’s say ‘Selling plants in Jersey’, then your ad groups might be ‘flowers in jersey’, ‘cactus in jersey’ and ‘garden plants in jersey’. Each ad group has a set of keywords that you choose (see our blog ‘what is SEM’ for info on how to research what these should be) and the official advert copy that you’ve created. If you put ‘lilos in jersey’ then your relevance would probably be ranked badly because let’s be honest, lilos and plants are pretty different things.



  • The quality of your landing page. (When a user clicks on your advert, where are they taken to? Is this page relevant? If I clicked on your advert for ‘flowers in jersey’ and I’ve ended up on a page which is about greetings cards, is this relevant? Not really because I searched for flowers).
  • How relevant your ad text is. (Does this include your keywords? Does it marry up with what the landing page is? Most importantly, does it all make sense?).
  • The performance of your previous AdWords account. (Yes, they judge you on your past. Didn’t do too well last time? Let us smash this next series of Ads to raise your Google Quality Score in future).


What does each of those points count for?

Absolutely impossible to know unless you work for Google. But, it is pretty obvious from previous campaigns that CTR weighs strongly on this – after all is people see your ad, then click it, it probably means it is relevant to them. 


Why should I care about my Google Quality Score?

Google rewards companies who do what they ask. So, if you tick the boxes, they will give you higher ad rankings for a lower cost. Nice right!  This means that the higher your Quality Score is, the lower you pay per click. 


How do I know what my current Quality Score is with Google?

Sign into Google Adwords (if you aren’t sure how to do that, visit our blog here for simple instructions). Then head to search campaigns – find relevant campaign – keywords – columns (three dash icon above keywords) – click quality score – apply. Now your quality score will be shown on each ad group. You will be given a number out of 10. This is your quality score for each.


How do I improve my Quality Score?

Basically, everything we’ve outlined in our SEM blog here. It is doing keyword research, splitting those keywords into organised groups that are attached to individual ad campaigns, refining your ad text (change it if it isn’t working), optimise your landing pages by following best practise, add negative keywords. 


Phew. Ok. How are you feeling? Do we still have your attention? Or feeling pretty overwhelmed by all the various parts of Digital Marketing you need to take into account in order to run really successful campaigns? 


If it’s the latter, we’re here for you. Our team has dedicated many hours to learning SEO, SEM & Google Analytics inside out. Take the stress out of it and let us do it for you. Reach out today!