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What is Google Analytics? - September 2021 Guide

By Jess Stanier

Welcome to the wonderful world of data! Finally, you will be able to truly understand your website users and convert them to paying customers, fast.  


By adding a piece of code to each page of your website, Google Analytics will automatically track a users journey while on your site as well as collecting data from the user themselves including where they arrived from (direct from a paid advert, social media or organic search), what actions they take while on the site, how long they remain on the site for, and whether they are new or returning users.



Other data collected on your users is their language, country, city, browser, age, gender, location, what device they’re accessing your page on. 


Why does capturing this data matter?

Well, actually friend, it matters a lot! If you know where your users are coming from, you can concentrate your efforts on what is working and cast aside what isn’t. It’s time to save some money on advertising that isn’t reaping any benefit! 


So, let’s say that 50% of your visitors are coming from paid ads on social, then you know that they’re working! If only 5% are coming from your paid ads, equally you know that something needs to change here. 


You are also able to see how your website is performing. Are people finding the information they set our to find? Are they arriving on your site and leaving really quickly? Might this be because your site is difficult to navigate? Is it time for a new website? If you’re unsure of your website’s performance, check out ‘How to Build a Really Good Website’ for easy tips in how to recognise if your current site is selling you short.


On top of this, data collected from Google Analytics (if actually used – there is no point having it and not doing anything with your account) can give you a really good opportunity to understand who exactly your customer is, what they want and how to turn them into a paying customer.


Real-Time Data

You can see REAL TIME who is on your site! How cool is that! You can see how many people are on it, where they are from, what gender they are, how old they are, and what they are doing on your site as well as how they got there. Amazing right.



Yes, that is amazing! But, how do I use the data?

Once you’ve spent some time analysing the data, you can create a strategy for what needs to change. This might mean investing in a new website, developing an SEO strategy or funnelling more budget into SEM. Data is always our friend, as it let’s businesses to be more savvy as to how to achieve their financial goals. 


What if I don’t have a Google Analytics account?

If you don’t yet have a Google Analytics account, do not fret. You can easily set one up by visiting which gives you step by step instructions in how to do it yourself. 


HELP! I don’t have the resources to set up Google Analytics, or manage the data! 

Whether resources are tight, or GA is just something you aren’t able to take on yourself, an agency like Snap can help. We can speedily set you up a Google Analytics account, meet with your team to explain what each part of the data means, and then run through the data collected with you – and most importantly make suggestions of how you can improve your website, SEO, SEM or advertising strategy. And, if you don’t want to get involved in any of that… well, we can do it all for you. Think of us as another arm of your marketing team.


Time to use cold, hard, facts to create advertising that works? Want to see a financial return on your advertising investment? Digital Marketing is what you need. We’re here, we’re ready. Get in touch today.