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Sorry! We’re not currently advertising for any specific roles.

However, we are always on the look out for talented individuals, if you think you’ve got something special that could add to our team, get in touch!

Our Values

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We are

We are

We are

We are

Our Values

Value Driven Behaviours

100% Authentic Snapper

We are all unique and at Snap we celebrate that. Be comfortable in your own skin and express your opinions freely.

Excellence is non-negotiable

Set unbelievably high standards for self in terms of the quality of deliverables and outputs. Do not subscribe to mediocrity!

It’s MY BUSINESS mentality

Thinking like a business owner not an employee breeds a different mindset and informs our performance culture.

Freedom and Discovery

Be curious, ask why questions, challenge the status quo. Ensure our entrepreneurial spirit is burning brighter than ever!

Driven & Fearless

Drive is about momentum, cadence, rhythm. There are NO crowds lining the extra mile!

Trusted & Trustworthy

Trust is earned through consistency in thought, action and behaviour. It’s the bedrock principle of ONE high performing team.

Own It

Stop the flow up stream whilst it is a trickle – not a torrent! Transparency is key! If you make a mistake, be heroic in recovery

Freedom and Discovery

Drive is about momentum, cadence, rhythm. There are NO crowds lining the extra mile!

Communicate Brilliantly

Ensure timeliness of comms, clarity of comms and choose the appropriate media of comms for your message.

Power of ONE!

The strength of the team is each individual team member. The strength of each member is the team. Share and celebrate success!