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Stinky Bay

Our Beer, Your Adventure

Stinky Bay brewer, Matt Topman began his journey in 2017 with a simple plan of producing good quality, tasty beer.

Jersey’s adventurous, outdoor lifestyle was a primary focus in designing their packaging and visual identity.

Service & Scope

Animation / Branding / Graphic Design / Illustration / Packaging


Stinky Bay are at the start of an incredible adventure. Bigger ambitions are brewing, so stay tuned for new releases and updates. If you haven’t tried one of these beautiful beers yet, they are now on tap in selected pubs or on the shelves of many local shops, you can’t miss them!


Named after a rugged, seaweed-filled bay here in Jersey that’s only real use is for dog walkers and collecting vraic to fertilise farms, we quickly felt the authenticity of the brand. A name like Stinky Bay can divide opinion, but one thing is for sure, it’s memorable.

As Jersey’s first microbrewery since the craft renaissance it was a critical time to launch a brand that packed a punch. So we helped the Stinky team develop a culture that invokes adventure and fun.

Our Approach

The craft beer industry was set alight in recent years, with branding and label design becoming increasingly important to reflect the personality of independent brewers. The personality of the Stinky Bay founders was evident, local islanders with a passion for adventure and outdoor lifestyle. This became the central to the creative direction of the identity.

A custom hand-drawn typography and illustration established an early creative direction for the brand. The brewery’s fun loving nature allowed our graphic designers and illustrators to get creative with contemporary label designs. The full trio of beers is now in full effect; Stinky Bay IPA, Beached Whale Pale Ale, Shipwrecked NEIPA. This wonderful selection of names provided strong visual cues for us to develop characters, scenes and colour schemes.

The Snap team just get it. From the outset they take time to fully understand your business, your culture and how this can instill authenticity into your brand. These guys have the perfect balance of being really personable and easy to deal with, as well as being awesome at their jobs!

Matt Topman

Founder & Head Brewer

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