Introducing Snap's Dream Team

Meet the Snap Agency All-stars

With Euros 2024 in full swing, football fever has taken over our office, and we couldn’t resist joining the excitement. Just like the European football teams battling it out for glory in the 20204 European Championships, our talented team of designers, marketers, and developers work together to achieve remarkable goals. Each member of our team brings unique strengths to the field, whether it’s creative dribbling through design challenges, precision passing in marketing campaigns, or defensive debugging in development projects

Read on to check out our starting lineup of all-star players!

Team Member: Maha
Position: Center Defensive Midfield 

Creative Dribbling: 95 – Maha can maneuver through design challenges with the agility of a top striker dribbling past defenders.
Cross-field Vision: 92 – Her ability to see the bigger picture ensures every project stays on brand and on target.
Set Piece Specialist: 88 – From logos to layouts, Maha delivers creative solutions like perfect free-kicks.

Team Member: Luc
Position: Right Back
  • Design Defence: 90 – Luc is known for defending brand integrity like a seasoned centre-back protects their goal.
  • Artistic Assist: 93 – He excels at collaborating with the design team, setting them up for success like a playmaker setting up a striker.
  • Versatile Styles: 89 – From illustration to logo curation, Luc is an expert at switching up his design approach.

Team Member: Kieran
Position: Stricker

  • Speedy Sketches: 91 – Kieran produces rapid design drafts with the speed of a striker sprinting down the touchline.
  • Precision Passing: 90 – His attention to detail ensures every element in his designs is perfectly placed.
  • Goal Celebration: 92 – His final designs are always crowd-pleasers, celebrated by clients. 

Team Member: Tom
Position: Center Midfield 

  1. Creative Stamina: 93 – Tom’s endurance in handling long projects rivals a midfielder’s stamina in a 90-minute match.
  2. Top Tactics: 91 – His strategic approach to projects ensures every design and campaign hits its mark. 
  3. Header Master: 88 – Tom rises to the occasion in brainstorming sessions, providing top-notch ideas.
Team Member: Marcus
Position: Left Wing 
  1. Campaign Playmaking: 94 – Marcus orchestrates marketing campaigns with the precision of a midfield maestro controlling the game.
  2. Brand Awareness Goals: 92 – He consistently scores high with brand awareness, like a striker finding the back of the net.
  3. Social Media Pressing: 90 – Marcus’ in-depth understanding of social media makes sure his client’s shots always hit the back of the net! 
Marketer 2: Sonny
  1. SEO Striker: 93 – Sonny drives traffic to websites like a top striker scoring goals in crucial matches.
  2. Conversion Rate Control: 91 – His ability to convert leads into customers is similar to the prowess of world class striker. 
  3. Strategic Campaigns: 89 – Sonny’s strategic digital marketing campaigns are always methodical and highly effective. 

Team Member: Jack
Position: Centre Back 

  1. Coding Accuracy: 94 – Jack writes flawless code with the precision of a top striker’s shot accuracy.
  2. Defensive Debugging: 92 – His debugging skills are second to none.
  3. Agile Development: 90 – Jack adapts to new challenges with agility and strength – warding off attackers. 

Team Member: Charlie
Position: Left Back 

  1. Full-Stack Versatility: 93 – Charlie’s skills across the tech stack are as versatile as a utility player covering multiple positions.
  2. Backend Defence: 91 – He ensures the backend runs smoothly, defending the system like a solid centre-back.
  3. Scoring Features: 89 – Ben’s new features are game-changers, adding value like crucial goals in a final match.

Team Member: Charlie
Position: Striker

  1. Client Liaison Goals: 93 – Her ability to manage client relationships and expectations is as crucial as a striker’s finishing touch in front of goal.
  2. Strategic Playmaking: 95 – Charlie orchestrates projects with the precision and vision of a midfield general, ensuring everything runs smoothly from kickoff to final whistle.
  3. Pressure Handling: 90 – Charlie remains calm and composed under pressure, managing tight deadlines and complex projects like a goalkeeper during a penalty shootout.

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Meet the Snap Agency All-stars
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