Web Summit 2023 Round-Up

Web Summit 2023 Round-Up

And just like that, the Web Summit 2023 is over. What an event it was. Needless to say, we have arrived back in Jersey feeling inspired, motivated, and excited about what the future holds for us as a creative digital agency.


From awe-inspiring talks about Artificial Intelligence and developing technology to insightful discussions about the latest digital strategies and design tools – there was so much going on. There were over 70,000 attendees, 2000 start-ups from across the globe, and hundreds of opportunities to connect!

Tom, Founder & CEO

The Web Summit was dominated by AI and I learned a lot of useful tricks and tips, however, most of the experts agreed that AI will not replace the human touch which is super important. It was great to have conversations with so many like-minded, interesting people and check out all the emerging start-ups in the digital space. 

Changing the tyre on the Red Bull F1 car at the Austria stand was pretty fun and getting a top time was even better, it makes you appreciate how fast the pit-stop teams can do it! Goes to show you what happens when a team of specialists work hard in their specific area and how that contributes to the big picture. Oh, and we loved the local coffee and Pastel De Natas!

We also had some laughs along the way. Particularly when I tried to give my business card to a robot who simply was not interested!

James, Digital Project Manager

The highlight for me was the Roundtables. They provided the best experience for learning new insights, through discussions and exchanging ideas with experts and industry peers. The queues were mad though, so you had to get there early if you wanted any chance of getting in – a learning point for next time!

I was also nearly roped into an impromptu flash mob taking place one lunchtime, but my rumbling stomach and the knowledge of how long the queues were for the food stalls overrode my desire to make a fool of myself!

Kieran, Digital Creative

What stood out for me was the industry insights from some of the biggest studios and agencies in design. Incredibly inspiring talks from Studio Dumbar and Wolff Olins provided me with motivation to further my skill set and explore new techniques and software. 

They really hammered home the importance of breaking the tools and mastering them enough so you can create new workflows and ideas. Seeing all the amazing new emerging technologies and companies taking advantage of the new AI revolution was also exciting.

There was only one slightly weird moment for me, which occurred when I was speaking to a South Korean startup. When they were telling me about their new music licensing service, they ran away mid-pitch to get a photo with an important South Korean delegate – I guess he must have been more important than me…

Sonny, Digital Marketing Executive

Learning about innovative strategies that will shape marketing in 2024 and beyond was really interesting and will help inform our marketing strategies going forward. Discovering new cutting-edge tech and exploring how they could benefit us and our clients was really eye-opening. 

Attending the talks on AI in marketing and advertising provided some great insights into how it will affect the digital marketing landscape. The good news is all of the speakers agreed that the future of AI would be positive and help us become much more productive!  

Listening to Jolyon Rubinstein discuss the power of using humour to convey your message or tell a story was super interesting. This sparked some great ideas for future campaigns.

By far the most random part of the WebSummit for me was bumping into ex-footballer Patrice Evra whilst walking around the conference – what a guy!

Snap’s Tech-infused DNA

More Than Just

a Local Agency

At Snap, we’re not just another agency. We’re pioneers, bringing back global tech and knowledge to our island. We’ve integrated AI, explored new tools, harnessed new trends and connected with specialists from around the globe. Our development team has already adopted AI tools like ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot, revolutionising the way we code.

The Web Summit in Numbers

Yes, we really did eat 16 Pastel De Natas between us – but who’s counting? 

Join the Snap Odyssey

Innovate, laugh & lead

Are you ready to join a team that not only pushes boundaries but also knows how to laugh along the way? At Snap, we’re about more than just tech and trends; we’re about people, creativity, and being the best out of each other. If you’re looking to add value to our dynamic team or curious about how we can elevate your business with the latest tools and tech, reach out to us. Let’s create, innovate, and lead together!

Closing thoughts

From dodging robots to impromptu flash mobs and random celebrity encounters, Web Summit 2023 was an adventure. At Snap, we believe in blending the latest tech with a human touch and a dash of humour. It’s not just about being a leading agency; it’s about setting a global benchmark. Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey.

“Where to next?” you ask. The answer is simple – forward, with a smile and groundbreaking tech in our toolkit!

~ Tom, and the Snap Team

Here’s the Snap team enjoying their new favourite Portuguese tipple, Ginjinha. Cheers – Here’s to our next Snap Excursion!

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