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Well-being is HOT right now!

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How the Snap team spent a day off on Jersey’s hottest day on record

Snap recently celebrated its fifth birthday, and it was a great opportunity to reflect on all our achievements, our journey, the hurdles we’ve overcome and the successes we’ve celebrated as a team. 

Working hard and delivering excellent service for our clients is important to us, but having a work-life balance that allows us to appreciate all that our island has to offer is also essential.

When the weather forecast was realised in the office, the Snap management team decided that the whole studio would have a day off. They told us to enjoy the sunshine and do something that is good for the soul.

The hottest day ever recorded in Jersey

There were 2,331.6 hours of sunshine in Jersey last year, making it the sunniest place in the British Isles. This is 342.3 more hours of sunlight than anywhere on the mainland UK! It’s no wonder our islanders are so friendly!

This year, Monday 18th July was the hottest temperature ever recorded in Jersey. The new record high temperature recorded by Jersey Met was 37.9 degrees Celsius. Phew! What a scorcher!

In 2003, Jersey had its highest ever recorded temperature of 36 degrees, so Jersey’s record was smashed by a steaming 1.9 degrees.

Time to focus on the well-being of the Snap team

In a recent Forbes survey, employees said the ideal workplace is one that aligns with their values and ethics and respects their work-life balance. As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, we learned how fragile and unpredictable life is. It is for this reason that many people seek a job that coexists with their personal lives, rather than competing with them.

Workplace wellbeing allows people to realise their potential, be productive and creative, build positive relationships with others, cope with stress more effectively, and do their best work.

As well as building and strengthening relationships, team outings help individuals develop skills, and are a great way to have fun.

The feeling of being outdoors, surrounded by nature, can improve mood, and energy levels, reduce stress and promote relaxation. 

Here is what the Snap team got up to on our day off:

As well as being a powerhouse designer, Luc is also a beast of a trombonist. It was therefore quite apt that he spent the day at the legendary singer-songwriter Gilbert O’Sullivan’s music studio. Here, Luc recorded tracks for his band ‘The Pirates’ second album. Luc commented ‘It was a big relief for the band that the studio was fully air-conditioned!’.

Our junior designer, animator and part-time disc jockey, Kieran, spent the day down Rozel. After demolishing the double-decker health-wrecker burger at ‘The Hungry Man’ café, Kieran went swimming at Rozel Beach. Kieran mentioned ‘after that burger, I am glad I didn’t sink to the bottom of the ocean’.

Lucy took her furry friend Oscar paddleboarding. That cocker-spaniel was one hot-diggity dog! So, luckily Lucy and Oscar fell off a few times to cool off In the deep blue.

Jack opted for a super chill day, sitting in the shade and eating sushi and drinking homemade cocktails, with occasional dips in the paddling pool thrown in. 

Sam, James, Tom, and Sonny were a little more adventurous and went on an expedition up the north coast to Greve de Lecq. On a secluded beach (little Greve), they caught some fresh Jersey mackerel and cooked it on a BBQ Bear Grylls style. From ocean to plate in a matter of minutes, nom nom! Kayaks and paddleboards were a great alternative to desks for the group. The yak squad as they now call themselves all agreed that being disconnected from the world for a day was a great way to reset the mind.

Highlights from the day

If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that we need to make more time for ourselves to do the things we enjoy. Our time off gave some of us the chance to explore the island and take advantage of its enormous range of activities – something we should never take for granted. We returned to the office buzzing with stories and fun memories about our long weekend.

As we prepared for a busy week ahead, we felt energised, motivated, and optimistic. 
Snap’s believes in the motto ‘work hard, play harder’.

Come work with us

Interested in joining Snap? We are currently looking for excellent account managers, strategic marketers and digital producers. Let’s talk if you’re a great communicator, talented creative or results-driven digital ninja who wants to join a fun and hardworking team!

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