Work, Surf, Eat Repeat: Embracing the Remote Work Culture

Work, Surf, Eat Repeat: Embracing the Remote Work Culture

At Snap, we believe that working remotely can vastly improve your business and enhance company culture. In our experience, traveling and working is a great way to not only improve productivity but also gain valuable insights from new sources.

Did you know more than 50% of executives say corporate culture influences productivity, creativity, profitability, firm value, and growth rates?

The team has recently returned from two weeks working in Lisbon, a city with a strong tech crowd that cultivates an active co-working scene with hundreds of dedicated open-concept co-working spaces. Here’s what they had to say about the adventure.

Team Adventures in Costa da Caparica

Snap’s team, embraced the thrill of surfing and the local culture in Costa da Caparica. As James recalls, “Surfing, or more accurately, battling through waves and riding in on my knees was a highlight.” Tom also believed that taking part in activities together as a team vastly improved our dynamic and working relationship. ‘We ride together, We dine together, Snap boys for Life.’

“Deciding where to eat dinner, a challenge that sometimes lasted hours, but always paid off.”  James

Enhanced Work-Life Balance

In Lisbon, the team found a perfect blend of work and leisure by splitting the day into three working sprints. This flexibility led to increased motivation, a healthier work-life balance, and higher levels of productivity.  “I was far more motivated to go for a run each day. Also, the co-working space was great, being surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs and digital nomads was motivating” – James

“It was great to learn about local culture from our co-working space manager Vasco, and to connect with
people from all over the world.” – Tom

Productivity in a New Setting

Despite initial challenges, the team observed a boost in productivity whilst working in Lisbon. They found that being away from HQ sometimes meant fewer distractions and more efficient communication. This was a common theme, with team members finding themselves more engaged in their work in this new environment.

“Knowing you could head out to the beach after work can make your productivity skyrocket!” – Kieran

Overcoming Remote Work Challenges

Setting up a remote workspace posed some initial hurdles but after a few days, the team found their feet. A key takeaway was the importance of planning. Access to hardware was tricky in a temporary setup, but we managed to overcome this by being adaptable and creative. Despite being remote, we also managed to maintain strong connections with clients was easy thanks to being in the same time zone as our team in Jersey.

“The co-working space in Caparica was great, it was a really productive environment.” – Sonny

The future of remote work for Snap 

The trip was about more than just remote work; it was about expanding Snap’s global network and connecting with talented individuals worldwide. As well as being fun and productive, the experience has opened new avenues for Snap. The trip has given us the confidence to build a more remote working infrastructure in the company. We’ve met talented individuals worldwide and aim to stay in touch and look forward to collaborating with them on future projects

Keep your eyes peeled for more Snap excursions in the new year – the adventure continues.

Are you looking to join a team where work and adventure blend seamlessly? Contact us to learn more about our journey and how we can collaborate, no matter where you are in the world.


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