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Becoming Snap

Becoming Snap

There is a collective feeling of nostalgia and optimism in the air at Snap HQ.

Working from our new offices in St Helier surrounded by 11 talented Snappers, it is hard to believe that just two years ago we were dreaming up this venture.

I felt there was no better time to reflect on how we got to where we are today.

Starting Up

Snap Co-Founder, Sam, and I were incredibly lucky to have found creative jobs that – for the most part – we enjoyed.

While our jobs provided stability, we were becoming creatively stifled. We wanted to express ourselves on our own terms and craved the freedom to carve our own path.

Having worked together on several projects, we had become a creative force to be reckoned with. We thrived on weird, wonderful ideas and found inspiration in companies that lived outside the box.

We envisioned a digital marketing and design agency that champions concepts that spark the imagination. Through bold and brave branding, strong marketing expertise, and the use of the latest tech, we could help both up-and-coming and established businesses to stand out from the crowd.

We dreamt big and hoped one day our success would allow us to realise some other off-the-wall events and business ventures that we had brewing.

Our entrepreneurial journey had begun.

The Big Break

The opportunity arose to enter a competition for emerging businesses organised by Digital Jersey and NatWest International. We thought, “what have we got to lose?”

Our business plan laid out the vision and values we would come to live and breathe. We would represent cutting-edge digital marketing and design, industry collaboration over competition, an environment of constant learning, fresh and original ideas, and unconventional technologies. Snap was born.

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