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Clifden Surgery

Healthcare Without Barriers

Based in St Helier, Clifden Surgery is a reputable primary care provider with an aim to provide exceptional health care to all patients.

A local healthcare provider committed to ensuring access to high-quality healthcare for all, without any barriers to seeking help. Snap was enlisted to design Clifden’s new identity and create a bespoke website..

Service & Scope

Brand Identity / Brand Guidelines / Web Design / Web Development


376% Increase Website Users

130K+ Impressions


Create a new brand and website that reflects Clifden Surgery’s mission of providing healthcare for all.


Create a more engaging visual identity that works well across both traditional and digital channels whilst maintaining established core brand attributes.

New website

Create a sleek and easy-to-navigate website that is accessible to a multi-lingual demographic.

Our Approach

Creating a new inclusive brand identity

Snap collaborated closely with the Clifden Surgery team to develop its brand identity. A series of brand workshops led to the discovery of Clifden’s brand message, ‘Healthcare Without Barriers’, which set a clear tone for the new brand and website.

Accessible & Approachable Design

When crafting Clifden Surgery’s logo identity, we took inspiration from the new office space. By immersing ourselves in the environment, we gained insights into the architecture, atmosphere and overall feel. This allowed us to create a logo that harmonised with the location and complemented its modern aesthetics.

To enhance the friendly and approachable identity of Clifden Surgery, we chose a rounded font for the brand. The letter ‘C’ was designed with smooth curves to resemble a stethoscope. We opted for a gradient composed of warm and inviting colours, which evoke feelings of warmth and friendliness.

We extended the logo to the new office space by creating captivating signage. The signage serves as an eye-catching representation of the brand, leaving a lasting impression on clients, employees, and visitors as they enter the surgery.

Accessible Web Design

The new brand identity and focus on accessibility was seamlessly integrated into the design of the new Clifden’s website.

We wanted to ensure that the website catered to a broad range of demographics including both digital-savvy and non-digital native clientele, reflective of the surgery customer base. The website content was organised logically ensuring that visitors could navigate through the website with minimal effort and quickly access the information they needed.

Since onboarding Snap, Tom and the team have provided excellent support and guidance throughout. We worked closely with Snap to create and develop our new branding and website. Clifden Surgery look forward to the continued support and collaboration at Snap HQ.

Oliver Archbold

Practice Manager

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