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West coast barbers

Fresh Cuts Meet West Coast Vibes

Discover West Coast Barbers, a traditional barbershop nestled on the serene west side of Jersey.

From fades to beard trims, the West Coast team know the ins and outs of delivering top-notch service. They’ll have you looking and feeling great from the neck up. Keep scrolling as Snap unveils a complete brand overhaul.

Service & Scope

Brand Identity |  Graphic Design  |  Illustration | Brand Collaboration 


The new proprietors sought to distinguish themselves amidst a multitude of competitors on the island. Their objective was to retain their customer base while also drawing in a new wave of clients. Challenged with the task of redefining their identity, our goal was to pinpoint a unique selling point that would set this local barbershop apart.

Through our Creative Strategy Workshop, we uncovered a competitive advantage for the business: its exclusivity as the sole barbers on the western side of Jersey. This formed the foundation of our brand design strategy.

Our Approach

West Coast Aesthetics

The brand identity draws its inspiration from the vibrant and laid-back vibes of Jersey’s West Coast and 1950’s Americana aesthetic. We wanted the brand to have a retro feel, and represent and resonate with the West Coast community – a melting pot of surfers, skaters and outdoor adventurers. 

Surfer Sidekick

To personify the brand we created a playful and charismatic character, that embodies the easygoing nature of the West Coast. This little guy is all about the coastal lifestyle, throwing a classic “surf’s up” hand gesture like a true beach enthusiast. Adding to the character’s appeal is a stylish quiff hairstyle that fits right in with the barbershop’s modern and trendy identity.

Beach Barber Chic

Completing the picture, staff members’ uniforms now consist of brand-coloured t-shirts proudly featuring the new logo. The initial batch created quite the buzz, leading to a subsequent reorder. These stylish tees are currently available for customers to purchase at the barbershop.

Barber Shop Transformation

Accompanying the brand’s strategic redesign, the barber shop received its own makeover, featuring standout elements such as custom wallpaper adorned with brand-specific illustrations and window decals on the shopfront, all contributing to the enhancement of the brand’s visibility and identity.

Brand Collaboration 

To round off the project we orchestrated a brand collaboration with the Stinky Bay Brewing Company, another local business that encapsulates the easygoing nature of Jersey’s West Coast.

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